Hiring Professional Cleaners for Power Washing Your Home Is Way Better than DIY Measures!

Hiring Professional Cleaners for Power Washing Your Home Is Way Better than DIY Measures!

Hiring Professional Cleaners for Power Washing Your Home Is Way Better than DIY Measures!

Power washing the exteriors of buildings is a part of good maintenance practices. It helps to retain the curb appeal while enhancing home equity. Relying on the services of a home maintenance company that offers power washing, as part of the service package is the best way to maintain the property's attractiveness and ensure appreciation of the property value.  

Although DIY enthusiasts might feel tempted to try their hand at power washing, this guide to power washing your home in Annapolis, MD, should help to understand why leaving it to the professionals is the best option. 

  • Leave it to the professionals

Power washing is a simple task of pointing water jets to specific areas of the building exterior, but there is much more to it than catching the eye. Refrain from spraying water jets haphazardly to clean the surface. From choosing the right type of pressure washer to optimal pressure adjustment according to the kind of cleaning and the choice of suitable cleaning product, all play a vital role in achieving the best result. The cleaning technique varies according to the type of surface to ensure the surface remains clean much longer before starting to accumulate dirt and stains again. 

  • Choosing the proper cleaning technique 

The surface type influences the cleaning technique based on the appropriate water pressure to clean the surface without causing any damage. Excessive water pressure can harm the surface, and professional cleaners can adjust the pressure of the spray jets for safe and effective cleaning. Moreover, applying the water on the surface at some specific angle is crucial for proper cleaning, which also depends on the choice of the cleaning agent. 

Not all stains and dirt require some cleaning agent because the water pressure is often enough to remove these, but some stubborn stains need cleaning agents to ensure complete removal. The cleaning technique for vinyl surfaces differs from the concrete surface, and paver stones and decks might involve special cleaning techniques that only professional cleaners know. 

  • Safe cleaning

Handling high-pressure water jets requires trained hands for safe handling. 

Holding the water hose steadily involves special techniques, and a moment's lapse can cause an accident. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and training to safely operate the equipment used in pressure cleaning and even use eco-friendly cleaning agents free from VOC to ensure green cleaning. 

They are experts in handling power washers while maintaining variable pressure for safe and effective cleaning of surfaces. While soft cleaning techniques consisting of low-pressure cleaning with mild eco-friendly chemicals are appropriate for vinyl sidings, some concrete cleaning might require only plain water and a flat surface cleaner to do a satisfactory job.

The cleaning professional knows well the kind of water pressure ideal for cleaning different surfaces and avoids excessive pressure to prevent damage to the surfaces. Moreover, too much pressure can even cause injuries if directed toward any person or if someone accidentally enters the water jet's path.

Since the competency of the cleaning personnel is crucial, hiring professional cleaners is always the best option.