From runway to sidewalk – incorporating street style into your closet


Fashion is one of the most visual ways to show your personality and the genre of fashion known as street style can be considered a walking mood board. You can literally announce your affinities- everything from your favourite colours, to a cause you support, your hobbies to your favourite music, all through your personal style.

With more options becoming available, people have started curating their style.

Using streetwear alone you can create an aesthetic that is workwear, grunge, preppy, classic, skate, minimal – you name it!

Brands like Pleasures incorporate prints inspired by 80s rock and grunge music. They drop jackets with square,  slouchy shapes,  in fabrics like twill and vegan leather that lend a punk vibe. Their denim with very interesting prints and embroidery details make for stand-out pieces and are yet able to blend in with your everyday- style, seamlessly.

A great way to create an interesting look for everyday street- styling is by accessorizing, accessorizing, and accessorizing. Classic staples like the Carhartt WIP Essential bags have a way of elevating your fit while also being totally functional. Say goodbye to pocket bulges.

An underrated accessory that is easy to carry and even easier to include in everyday styling is a good pair of sunglasses. Even better, if its a pair of small batch, handcrafted acetate frames by LA-based brand Akila, through their numerous collaborations with the likes of Market, Pleasures and Afield Out create striking sunnies in signature popular shapes, but somehow manage to set themselves apart with the use of interesting colours and prints on the frame. Talk about the devil being in the details!

We know sneakers are all the rage. A fresh pair of kicks can be the main course all on its own. But spice up the main course and take it up a couple of notches with a pair of eye-catching socks. The difference between a good look and a great look lies in the finer aspects of the fit. Cool socks, have a way to add an extra element of colour, can make for a great conversation starter or be something that is an inside joke to you that adds an extra spring in your step.

HUF Worldwide, RIPNDIP and StTance are known for their quirky colourful socks, each having its own iconic inimitable prints. HUF has their Plantlife socks and Green Buddy socks, RIPNDIP has our favourite cool cat Lord Nermal flipping the world in all his irreverent glory.

But nothing screams personal style more than a solid graphic t-shirt. Graphic tees have been used as walking flyers since time immemorial. Band t-shirts, T- shirts with political slogans, artist artwork,  a funny comic… whatever you’re into, you can say it with a graphic t-shirt. Moreover, a t-shirt is a highly versatile piece of clothing.  It can be paired with baggy jeans, track pants, a skirt, layered under a jacket or overalls, with shorts, or just worn on its own as a dress.

Iconic streetwear brand Market recently dropped a collection of graphic tees “commenting” on the Nike vs A Bathing Ape (BAPE) legal battle. One t-shirt, features Nike’s slogan with Market’s classic bootleg twist, while another uses BAPE’s Milo and Bapesta logo cleverly, with Market’s signature “Call My Lawyer” text. Through their bootleg style, Market has captured a significant moment in fashion and sportswear history through a Streetwear staple – the tshirt, which also makes this drop a must-cop.

. One can rock this t-shirt to the park for a jog, or step out for a nice meal at a trendy establishment by pairing it with the Carhartt WIP single-knee pants in Lazurite ( a bright blue shade) and boom -– you’ll have yourself a very casual yet sophisticated look. And you can bet the graphic tee will get you a few curious looks.

Eventually, street styling boils down to one’s level of imagination, creativity and comfort.

With the lines between streetwear, luxury, casual and chic blurring, ( looking at you Frank Ocean with your Dickies jacket at The Met Gala), street styling is becoming more fluid and relatable to a larger audience.