Charm Bracelets & Ways To Style Them

Charm Bracelets & Ways To Style Them


A charm is a small and decorative trinket. It is mostly made from sterling silver and gold. It comes in different shapes and sizes. It is an ornament, and both males and females wear it. Charms have been present here for a few thousand years; they are so popular in your modern world. People wear charms as fashion wear, a sign of good luck, and sometimes charms signify a particular moment in someone’s life. Every charm has a different symbol and meaning of its own. Even though charms are primarily small, they hold emotional value in many people’s lives. Charms are small yet customizable pieces of jewelry. Charms can be attached to a necklace, bracelet, or chain ornament. Charms can be worn on various kinds of occasions. Many people wear charms for good luck and the safety of their owner, while others wear them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


The history of charms can be traced back to the Neolithic Era, more than 12,000 years ago. At that time, prehistoric people used to wear charms to keep evil spirits away and to make them safe from bad luck. Their charms were made of bones, wood, shells, stones, etc., and were tied to leather to make themselves a charm bracelet. Even after so much change in time, human beings’ evolution, and world modernization, charms are still here.

After the Neolithic Era, charms continued to be used in the Bronze Age as a talisman to keep the wearer safe from evil spirits and to give them good luck. Charms continued to be used through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, but in the Victorian Era, charms became more popular because of Queen Victoria. Everybody knows how much fascination and love she had for jewelry. She made gold charms very popular. At those times, charms were attached to necklaces, chains, watch chains, etc., similar to today’s usage of charms.

TYPES OF CHARMS: There are many types of charms, but the popular ones are:

  • Religions Charm
  • Passion Symbol Charm
  • Lucky Symbol Charm
  • Gemstone Charm
  • Personalized Charm
  • Zodiac Charm

WAYS TO STYLE YOUR CHARM: After knowing all the details about charms and their rich history, it’s time to discuss how you can style your charm.

Traditional Link Charm Bracelet: The most popular way to wear a charm is by linking it to a bracelet. It is the conventional way to wear a charm. Not only is it customizable, but it’s also stylish. All you have to do is link your charm to a chain and wear it as a bracelet. Look for different silver charms for bracelets so you can wear them often. Sometimes, charms need to be specially fitted to a bracelet, but many charms can be attached easily.

Clip-On Charms: The second way of wearing a charm is clip-on charms. It is an easy way to wear a charm. It doesn’t need to be specially fitted into a chain. They are durable and easy to take off, but no risk of falling.

Charm Necklace: The following way to wear a charm is by wearing it as a pendant. Just like charm bracelets, charm necklaces are the same. They are easy to wear, and there is no risk of them falling off. Couples mostly wear them on their anniversary or special occasion.

Charm Bead: The following way to wear a charm is with charm beads. They are easy to wear, and you can even wear more than one charm on occasion. All you have to do is slide a charm bead into a chain, and it’s ready to wear.