Bathtub Trends to Watch Out For: Exciting Designs and Features

Bathtub Trends to Watch Out For: Exciting Designs and Features

Bathtub Trends to Watch Out For: Exciting Designs and Features

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The true haven of the house is the bathroom. It's a location where one can find tranquility and privacy. So, design is crucial in these spaces. The bathroom's look will be more vital than ever, whether you're trying to update an old bathroom or design a new one. Designers are making even more daring use of bathtub finishes. They develop fresh concepts to improve the room's capacity to make you feel rested, calm, and clean.

The bathroom is one of your home's most extensively used rooms, so why wouldn't you want it to look fabulous, whether you're buying, renting, or just acting as a guest? Finding the right finishing touches for your bathroom can be overwhelming because of the many design ideas. 

This article will give you innovative ideas on the exciting designs and features you can install in your bathroom.

The Designs and Bathtub Features

Consider these statistical results when designing a bathtub: 68.9% of the polled people said that taking a bath helps them relax, and 56.9% said they like hot baths.  A new poll by YouGov on the nation's bathing habits shows that a third of people still take a bath at least a few times a week. This includes 14% of those who take a shower every day. 

Taking baths often was the same across all age groups. About 65% of people take baths that last between 10 minutes and 30 minutes. People in their 20s and 30s take more extended baths than people in their 50s and 60s. About two-thirds of people aged 50 or over take a bath that lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, while only a little more than half of those aged 49 or younger do.


This simply means that people love relaxing in a gorgeous bathtub! Slipping into those glistening suds feels like a mini-vacation when it's time to unwind. A lovely tub is an indulgence that repeatedly pays for itself instead of visiting the spa for some well-earned precious bath time. This is possible with the different freestanding tubs styles available on the market. This style of tub is finished on all sides. You can put an independent tub close to a wall or in an open bathroom area.

This carefully curated selection of designer bathtubs will inspire you, whether you're searching for the newest features or want something that complements your meticulously coordinated decor. So turn down the lights, turn on some relaxing music, and soak in the bathtub of your dreams.

Below are the freestanding bathtub features that you need to consider:


The most flexible design of bathtub is provided by plastic bathtubs, which can be molded into various shapes and are either made of fiberglass or plastic. Since these tubs are warm to the touch and well-insulated, the water cools more quickly than in a cast-iron or an enameled-steel tub. Plastic is also the lightest, weighing only 60–70 pounds. Abrasive cleaners will harm the surface even though it doesn't chip easily.

Enameled steel

One of the most affordable types of bathtubs have a porcelain-enamel coating on formed steel. However, the high-quality bathtub material has some disadvantages: Steel conducts heat, which causes tub water to cool down quickly, the surface is easily chipped and it weighs roughly twice as much as plastic.


Enamel is used to coat steel and cast iron bathtubs. Cast iron is more resilient to impact and has a thicker enamel coating than steel tubs, so they don't chip as easily as steel. A cast-iron tub will initially absorb heat from the water. However, once it gets hot, it will maintain the water's warmth for a considerable time. 

The main disadvantage of cast iron is bathtub installation due to its weight, which makes installing this type on second floors more difficult.


Cast-polymer bathtubs are typically available in various solid colors and imitate the appearance of marble, granite, or onyx. A little more expensive than acrylic, the cast polymer has a less durable surface. On cast-polymer tubs, the gel-coat finish can eventually crack and become brittle, revealing the material underneath.

Other composites

Specialized composites, relatively recent entrants into the bathtub market, include heavy-gauge steel, porcelain enamel, and resins. These bathtub components combine to produce a tub with all the advantages of cast iron while weighing only half as much.

How to Create a Stylish Trend for Bathtub?

Property owners and interior designers are looking at the latest innovative designs for bathroom spaces. The resources you choose for your bath play a key role in creating a distinct look, vibe, and feel. There are various styles and features to consider, whether you want to restructure your current bathroom or start from scratch.


1. Freestanding bathtubs and sinks

Freestanding bathtubs always stay in style because they effortlessly complement any bathroom decor, whether you prefer a more contemporary look with stone resin or something more traditional with clawfoot or copper. Despite their apparent high cost, freestanding bathtubs and sinks will increase the value of your house and hold their value over time.

2. Private vanity mirror divide

Given that two sinks are preferable to one in bathrooms, this is a practical and widely used decor choice. Two people can easily prepare themselves and use the same time in that bathroom with a double vanity setup because there is enough room for them and their belongings. Your attention should be directed toward the mirror because it is the main focal point.

Make it as elegant and fashionable as you like, and your vanities will only serve to accentuate that feeling. This is also common because it makes your vanity the main attraction of your bathroom. It gives you some leeway in arranging the rest of your accessories since everything else serves more as an accent to your mirror and double sinks.

Accent Walls

Your bathroom's accent wall acts as the centerpiece for your vanity or bathtub, depending on which you want to emphasize. As the name sounds, it refers to a bathroom wall that contrasts with the other walls in the room by using various materials or colors. Marble, brick, mosaic tile, natural stone, and even wood are standard options


It's not always necessary to install a new sink or cabinets to add color or a striking appearance; sometimes, it takes a fresh coat of paint to transform your bathroom. Another common trend is switching out your old, unremarkable colors for something more vibrant and noticeable.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are an underappreciated but simple and affordable way to upgrade your bathroom or any space. The lighting and mood of your room can be significantly altered by simply adding a small sconce near your mirror. However, small chandeliers or hanging bulbs are more common, which can dramatically improve the mood if desired. 


Chandeliers provide an atmosphere of splendor and luminosity for a price comparable to light fixtures. These fixtures are undoubtedly the center of attention in your bathroom because they illuminate every nook and cranny. 

Although much smaller versions of dining room-style chandeliers on the market are just as colorful and striking, you don't always need to hang one to draw attention. The more popular of these is the starburst appearance, which resembles a glowing star and gives your bathroom a contemporary focal point.

Separate Shower & Bath Spaces

The division of the damp and dry areas in the bathroom layout is one of the newest bathtub designs and ideas that are currently popular. A tub is an excellent option for the main bathroom you wanted at the end of the week, but it's generally a dry area. 

Due to the separation of the shower and bathtub areas, a lot of design, usage frequency, and cost flexibility are available.You may choose walk-in showers and decorate them to match your bathtub, adding a touch of luxury to your daily activities.

Pedal to the Metal

Both contemporary and charmingly rustic bathtub designs frequently feature a metallic finish. For instance, a freestanding metallic bathtub or one with a metallic finish gives the impression of a stylish, relaxing tank where you can soak your worries. 

You can choose between stainless steel and copper for custom bathtub designs for small bathrooms. Both materials have several advantages, such as antimicrobial properties, ease of maintenance, self-healing characteristics, etc. If you're feeling incredibly inventive, you can also pick from repurposed antique baths made from commercial horse feed troughs, draining tubs, vintage tubs, and more. 

What decorative things are suitable for a bath

The bathroom might be the only private space you have in your house. For many, taking a relaxing bath or completing your evening routine is a relief. To fully enjoy being in the room, your bathroom layout must reflect your aesthetic. 

When revamping your bathroom, you might need a complete upgrade. However, with a few easy, inexpensive upgrades, you can completely renovate the bathroom design. We share our favorite easy bathroom decor concepts that will immediately upgrade your bathroom design, from minor paint changes to accessories you can add to your home. 

Here are some things you can pick as bathroom decor:

  • Bathtub Artwork
  • Gallery Wall
  • Decorate With Thrift Store Finds
  • Coat Rack for Towels
  • Fresh Florals
  • A Simple Floating Shelf
  • Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower
  • Indoor Plant Jungle
  • Laundry Room Curtains
  • Multipurpose Open Shelving


Although remodeling your bathroom can be difficult, with proper planning, it can also be enjoyable. List all the decorations and materials you want to use in your space. Make sure to do your homework on various options and materials before making any purchases. 

Some bathroom renovations require more than simple do-it-yourself techniques. You are ranging from small tub and shower revisions to complete bathroom renovations. That’s why hiring an expert might be an option. But all that matters is your design and imagination.