A Look at the Cannabis Extracts Like Hash and Kief

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A Look at the Cannabis Extracts Like Hash and Kief 

Some people treat cannabis extracts and concentrates as the same, even though they are technically different. All extracts can be concentrates, but not all concentrates are extracts. In cannabis extracts, manufacturers use solvents like ethanol, CO2, propane, and butane. Hence, it's safe to say that extracts are a special cannabis concentrate made exclusively through solvents. Conversely, concentrates can be obtainable through mechanical processes as well.

Nevertheless, cannabis extracts stand out for their textures, such as liquid (cannabis oil), dry and crumbly (crumbles), etc. They acquire such names based on their extraction process. For instance, budder consists of butane and goes through the cycle of whipping until it becomes buttery. Hash and kief are the two coveted cannabis extracts found on the market. Before opting for them, let’s understand what they are.


The compressed form of kief is hash or hashish. You get this in solid concentrate form. Hashish has both recreational and medicinal benefits. It has been in use for centuries. Some believe it to be the original cannabis concentrates with a rich background. You can easily find hash online Canada. Due to trichome content compression, kief experiences physical transformation. Colour, texture, look, potency, and taste change, leading to hash formation. Due to the processing differences, hash can become liquid or waxy. When you check it online, you usually find slabs or bricks. Some companies also offer ball shapes. While brown or sandy color is most common, you can also spot it in a green shade. It will always be a darker color. 

Since it contains high levels of flavonoids, cannabinoids, and other elements, you should go for it with a prepared mind. You can enjoy its therapeutic benefits when exposing the concentrate to heat. It’s the most versatile cannabis form.  


The loose trichomes isolated from cannabis flowers are sifted via mesh screens. You find it in shiny powder form with stickiness. It can also be highly potent, depending on its THC level. If it contains about 50%, you need just a tiny amount to experience its mighty punch. Some people also refer to this cannabis extract type as dry sift for its production style. Earlier, cultivators went through an extensive process to obtain this concentrate. But modern techniques are simpler. They use herb grinders that come with a kief catcher. This part in the bottom collects kief naturally. Depending on the amount of herb you grind, you extract more kief. You can smoke the powder by sprinkling it on top of your joint or bowl. You can also mix it in a hot beverage. 

How do you choose between the two options? If you want to try highly potent cannabis, the hash will be more reliable even though its source is kief. You can buy it as budder, wax, or shatter. There are multiple ways to consume it. Add it to a pipe bowl, bong, joint, or others. No matter what you prefer, select these products only from a reliable place for authentic experience and taste. A reliable store will store only high-quality cannabis items. At the same time, practice caution when consuming this. Avoid the risk of overdosing. Start with little doses before graduating to more quantity.