What to Wear to an Irish Wedding

What to Wear to an Irish Wedding

What to Wear to an Irish Wedding

Planning on attending an Irish wedding, but wondering what to wear? These customs may seem similar to American weddings, but there are many things you'll want to be sure to do right.

The food, the drink, the music, and the dancing all add up to a great time. But what you wear to this delightful event could either highlight the beauty of the day or be a blotch on the festivities that you wish hadn't been there.

Read on to find out what to wear to an Irish wedding. We'll be helping you figure out your wardrobe preparedness.

Formal Irish Wedding Attire

Irish weddings typically call for formal attire, especially if the ceremony and reception are held in a traditional venue such as a church or an elegant hotel. Men should consider wearing a suit or a tailored blazer with dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie. Women can opt for a formal dress, a dressy pantsuit, or a skirt and blouse combination.

Shoes should always be polished and the shirt tucked in. Respect the guest dress code for the wedding party so you look great and fit in.

Consider the Colors

Traditionally, guests should avoid wearing white, as it is reserved for the bride. Black is also considered somewhat inappropriate for Irish weddings, as it is associated with mourning.

Choose vibrant colors or muted tones that complement the season and the overall wedding theme. Choosing colors that reflect Irish heritage is a great way to honor the couple and look your best on their special day.

Traditional Touches

Incorporating some traditional Irish elements into your outfit can be a lovely gesture. Women might consider accessorizing with a Celtic-inspired brooch, a scarf, or some delicate Irish jewelry. Wearing a hat or fascinator is also a traditional piece to consider.

Men could wear a kilt or a tartan tie if they have Scottish or Irish heritage. You can buy Irish kilt here. Taking the extra effort to wear something with a bit of an Irish twirl, such as a tweed or kilt, looks really stylish, yet reflects a more traditional side too.

Weather Considerations

Ireland's weather can be unpredictable, so it's essential to be prepared for different conditions. For cooler times of the year, long-sleeved dresses and blouses with trousers or skirts are great for ladies. For men, a suit or blazer and trousers with a warm collared shirt are recommended.

For warmer months, a shorter dress in light material is suitable for ladies, while men can go with a shirt and lighter trousers. Again, layers and a light coat are recommended to stay prepared for any weather changes. Take a look at Earth Village for some cool ways to host an outdoor wedding. 

Choosing Appropriate Clothes for an Irish Wedding

Dressing for an Irish wedding is between casual and formal, so aim for a mix of the two. Wear festive colors and comfortable clothing like a dress, trousers, a linen suit, and nice shoes. Most importantly, follow Irish wedding etiquette, have fun, and dress festively to make a good impression on the bride and groom.

Now start planning your outfit and get ready for an amazing wedding day!

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