Top 7 facts to learn about North Wales before visiting

Top 7 facts to learn about North Wales before visiting

Top 7 facts to learn about North Wales before visiting

There are many things to learn about the popular holiday location of North Wales, particularly as it has so much to offer for a variety of different people and is a hotspot for those who love a caravan trip.

It’s extremely important to gain some knowledge on your holiday location before you go, so if you’re looking for caravans for sale North Wales, it’s time to learn something you might not have known before!

Punch and Judy

Llandudno is a popular part of North Wales to visit and it also holds the longest-running Punch and Judy show, established by the family of Jacqueline Millband-Codman in 1860 - she inherited it later on.

It’s been running for around 150 years and seen generations of people flocking to see the performance. The current show has a few modern twists, so will you be coming to watch?

Dolphin spotting

Taking a walk along Cardigan Bay is the perfect way to spend your staycation and you might even spot some dolphins whilst you’re there!

It’s home to the UK’s largest dolphin pod and can be seen travelling along the North Wales Coast throughout the year.

A top tip - if you want a better chance of dolphin spotting - visit during the summer months. You could see 10-12 at once!

Fastest zip wire

If you’re wanting some adventure on your North Wales holiday, why not come to Penrhyn Quarry, where you’ll find ‘Zip World Velocity 2’?

It’s the fastest zip wire in the world and you can travel at speeds around 100mph!

Longest place name

Good luck in saying this yourself, as the longest place name in Europe belongs to a town in North Wales. 

It’s called ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch’ and was also used as a secret password in the cult classic film Barbarella in 1968 – anytime a character in the movie wanted to enter the secret HQ they would use it.

But can you pronounce it?

Oldest living organism

By St Dygain’s Church in Conwy, lives a yew tree that is considered to be the second or third oldest organism in the world.

According to all current data, it is believed to be around 4,000-5,000 years old!

The seven wonders of Wales

The most beautiful parts of the region are recognised as the seven wonders of Wales and all of them are in the North!

The Gresford Bells, Snowdon, Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall, Overton Yew trees, Llangollen Bridge, St Windefride’s Well, and the Wrexham Steeple are all must-see places on your next holiday!

The smallest house in Britain

Located in Conwy and now a popular tourist attraction, the smallest house in Britain measures 10ft deep, six feet wide, and 10ft two inches tall.

Shockingly it used to be home to a tall fisherman, who was over 6 feet tall and has become a unique part of Welsh history.


With just these seven facts that show how much there is to explore in North Wales, which one interested you the most? And will you be witnessing these fun facts for yourself on your next caravan trip?