Realistic Self-Care Ideas for New Moms

A woman wrapped up in a thick comforter.

Realistic Self-Care Ideas for New Moms

Amongst the chaos of your new responsibilities, whether that’s preparing baby bottles for the little one, trying to put your baby to sleep, or changing nappies, it can be hard to find time for self-care. But creating a flexible, realistic self-care routine does not have to be an impossible task. Here are three easy and achievable ways you can kickstart your realistic self-care routine. 

  • Practising Mindfulness 

Mind UK defines mindfulness as, “a technique you can learn which involves noticing what's happening in the present moment, without judgement,” and research shows that mindfulness is a great practice for new mothers to adopt to help reduce their levels of anxiety and stress. 

Practising mindfulness can come in many forms. For some, this can be taking time out of the day to calm your thoughts with two to three minutes of guided meditation, for others, it can be mindful breathing—this is when you specifically focus on your intake and exhalation of breath. The great thing about adding mindfulness into your own self-care routine is that this is a flexible practice. All it involves is taking out a few minutes of your day to recentre yourself. You can do meditation while your baby is napping, yoga in the early mornings when your baby has yet to wake up, or mindful breathing while you’re doing routine tasks such as preparing baby bottles or folding laundry. 

  • Retail Therapy 

An article by Forbes highlighted that doing some unplanned online shopping can be a good way to reduce anxiety and stress. The most important thing to remember is to shop in moderation. You don’t want your self-care to become over-indulgent and problematic for yourself. 

A great way to ensure that your retail therapy does not turn into impulse-buying is by setting yourself a budget and a list of items on your wish list. Your budget should be a reasonable portion of money set aside for you to use during the quieter parts of your day, and your wish list should be filled with items that are both relevant to your own self-care, such as new moisturiser, or items that will help you out as a new mother, such as car seat travel organiser

  • Pampering Yourself 

After the incredible ordeal of childbirth, and life post-partum, you need to give your body time to recover, heal, and adjust to its new functions. This means taking time out of your routine to develop some healthy habits in your current lifestyle to help in the long term. Every new mother is short on time, and grappling with so many responsibilities, so the thought of taking out an hour of the day for yourself can seem impossible. But self-care is crucial to your well-being, and pampering yourself does not need to be a time-consuming task. 

If you choose one area to focus on: your hair, your nails, or your skincare, it will be much easier to involve self-care in your daily routine. For example, if you’re focusing on pampering your hair, you can ensure that you have a once-a-week hair oiling session, if you’re focusing on your nails, you can book a nail appointment for yourself once a month, and if you’re focusing on healthy eating, you can learn some quick, and time-efficient meal prepped recipes to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. 

Creating a flexible, realistic self-care routine is incredibly important for new mothers, as it gives them the time to create healthy habits for the future. So, with these three ideas in mind, it’s time to start looking at your current lifestyle, and seeing where you can find time for yourself! But remember, don’t be too harsh on yourself – even thinking about a self-care routine can be the first important step, and you should force it. Instead, remember that your life has drastically changed, so be kind to yourself, your body, and your mind.