Living with Purpose and Passion: How to Find Meaning and Joy in Everyday Life

Living with Purpose and Passion: How to Find Meaning and Joy in Everyday Life

Living with Purpose and Passion: How to Find Meaning and Joy in Everyday Life

“What’s my purpose in life?” is one of the most common questions people ask themselves. Unfortunately, some of them leave it unanswered. 

Are you seeking purpose? Dive in to find ten necessary steps I followed to find meaning and joy in everyday life!

Find Out What You’re Here to Do: How to Find a Purpose in Life

When asked about the meaning of life, you’ll hear the words “work” and “money.” At one point, I also thought that finding a good job would cure all my problems and grant me meaning. Some people told me to start a family and take care of children. Yet, when society and traditional communities force these ideas upon us, they don’t let unique personalities shine through. 

Finding a purpose can lead to many new experiences, personal and rewarding. Your drive will wake you up in the morning, carry you through a long day and help you fall asleep at night.

Discover your true purpose in life: How to Know My Purpose in Life.

People who find their meaning lead a happier life. After digging into this existential topic, they achieve the following:

  • good mental health;
  • better physical health;
  • reduced risk of chronic diseases;
  • improved life longevity. 

Lucky individuals find purpose in life naturally. For example, doctors help people and see saving lives as their ultimate life goal. But that doesn’t mean finding purpose in your day-to-day life is all sunshine and butterflies. 

“Joyful living isn’t the absence of pain, adversity, and even suffering. Instead, the secret to living a happier life involves believing you have enough mental strength to embrace your challenges and learn from them. It is not what happens to us in life that matters most. It is what we do about it that matters most, which dictates how much we can increase or decrease the hard parts.” - says Life Coach Tom Seaman.

10 Steps to Finding Your Purpose

  1. Start growing

You can only find your purpose with personal growth. Whether you decide to change your career path, take up new hobbies, or find friends, broadening your horizons and becoming better will help you find meaning in your daily life. I also advise using self-exploration as a tool to pursue your life goal. 

  1. Create a personal vision statement

A personal vision statement has been the best thing I discovered so far. It’s a 40-word summary of your goal based on your values, ideals, and commitments. Your personal vision statement will serve as a map that guides you when you’re on a road split. It can positively impact your decisions and motivation. 

  1. Cut unnecessary burdens

The thing that pressures you on a daily basis will distract you from your personal life goal. It doesn’t matter if your burdens weigh you down physically or emotionally; it’s time to point them out and eliminate them one by one. Take your time and build a schedule that includes tasks you enjoy.

  1. Surround yourself with positivity

Ungrateful, negative people can represent another stumble in your life. While there are social circles we can’t always control, like family and coworkers, try to regulate your surroundings as much as possible. At first, I didn’t notice how negativity around me shaped my personality. Later, I realized that my surroundings showcase what I believe in. You can’t imagine how easier finding a purpose in life got after I surrounded myself with positive, inspiring people!

  1. Practice gratitude

You’ve probably heard about a gratitude journal before and didn’t pay much attention to it. Yes, journaling can be abundant and boring, but it’s a perfect way to practice your gratitude. Without it, you won’t be as motivated to be social and give back to the community. In fact, gratitude handles the same reward responses in the brain as prosocial behavior. It strengthens a sense of purpose, too. 

To start practicing gratitude, write three things you’re grateful for when you wake up or before sleep. I guarantee you’ll feel more motivated to find and chase your life goal every day.

  1. Dive deeper into your interests

Knowing your purpose in life means enjoying every day. And that’s practically only possible with hobbies, interests, and passions! Moreover, your passions will clearly show you what exactly your life purpose might be. 

Yet, unlike hobbies, passions and values can be a tad harder to identify. So, if that task confused you, ask your friends, family members, and coworkers what they think your passions are. Some hobbies and passions can quickly turn into a full-time job or a side hustle, benefiting you both mentally and financially.

  1. Be part of a community

Dozens of times, studies have shown that being a part of a community can benefit your mental health. But that’s not the only pro of dedicating yourself to a specific community. There, people will share your passions and interests. As we already learned, the latter has a serial connection to a life goal. 

  1. Learn to give…

When you’re in the local community, at last, you can seek many ways to give back to others. Volunteering can significantly enhance the feeling of purpose in life as well as contribute to better mental health, decreased stress, anxiety, and depression. Don’t have time to volunteer? Try donating clothes, food, or money. 

  1. …and to receive

Receiving is just as crucial for finding your life purpose as giving! It’s not a surprise that many creators love meeting their fans through concerts, meet-and-greets, and festivals. That’s exactly how they keep writing books, making music, and painting artwork. So, let people around appreciate you. Don’t push away their gratitude towards you.

  1. Accept yourself

Throughout this journey, you’ll see that not everything can be what you want it to be. Sometimes, you’ll discover the limits of your body and mind. Well, don’t let the fleeting feeling of frustration discourage you! I found that giving myself some time to rest, think, and grieve my losses helped me become more understanding and patient. 

Knowing your purpose in life will always be a challenging goal. It can take days, weeks, months… even years. Life purpose changes for some individuals and others stick to only one. Don’t forget that it’s personal and unique only to you, and if you follow my tips, your path will be a breeze.