How to Overcome Indecisiveness When Planning Your Wedding

How to Overcome Indecisiveness When Planning Your Wedding

How to Overcome Indecisiveness When Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be both an exciting and overwhelming task. On the one hand, you want everything to be perfect, but on the other, it can be difficult to make decisions.

With so many aspects that need attention, getting caught up in what you desire really can be stressful. Thankfully there are steps you can follow to get back on the right track.

Below we are going to discuss some tips on how you can overcome indecisiveness when planning your wedding.

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Seek Inspiration

If you’re completely unsure about where to start your planning journey, try not to fret. Before you begin, take some time to gather inspiration from sources.

Browse through wedding magazines, scan Pinterest boards, and check out some of the latest wedding dress trends. The more your research the better idea you will have of what styles, colors, and themes you like.

Remember that even if you find something out of your price zone, don’t skip past it. You may be able to locate something similar or figure out a way to squeeze it into your budget.

Break Things Down

Once you’ve finished gathering inspiration, it’s a good idea to break everything down into smaller pieces. It’s much less intimidating when you have a checklist and you’ll feel like you are accomplishing your tasks.

Begin with a timeline and identify what needs to be done. Some things will need to be sorted more quickly than others, such as choosing a date and venue.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes the reason we struggle to make a decision is because we are looking for a more unique option. Think about what you are stuck on and use your mind to discover some “out-of-the-box” solutions.

Do you want a non-traditional wedding venue? What about an unusual flower display? All of these different ideas are what personalize your day so that it is perfectly tailored for you.

Get a Second Opinion

While you may want to make a lot of the choices yourself, you don’t have to handle every part of the wedding on your own. If you’re getting overwhelmed, ask a close friend, family member, or even your partner for input.

An outside perspective does come in handy when you’re getting stuck. While they may not agree with you, it can help you finalize your options.

Set Yourself Deadlines

Without deadlines, decision-making can be a never-ending process. You’ll over-analyze almost every aspect of your wedding and will find yourself second-guessing your choices even when you were certain they were right!

To avoid last-minute complications, set deadlines for when you need to have everything finalized. It will force you to choose so that you can move forward with the rest of your planning.

Limit Your Options

If you’re really struggling and can’t seem to decide between different things, be sure that you limit these as much as possible. Start by narrowing down a list of vendors, dresses, or decorations that you know fit your vision and style.

It’s much easier to make a decision when you only have a few options to pick from. Once you’ve made your choice, stop searching. It will only cause more stress and you may end up taking steps back.

Take Regular Breaks

There’s no denying that planning a wedding can take a toll on your mental and physical health. If it’s getting too much, take a break and come back when you’re feeling more relaxed.

Not only will it help you unwind but it can clear your head and you may even gain a fresh perspective. Taking a walk, reading a book, or practicing self-care should always be a part of your routine, even among the preparations.

Trust Your Instincts

Lastly, one of the most critical tips to remember is that you should trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right or you’re not comfortable, it’s totally acceptable to make a change.

Listen to your gut and always stand up for yourself. This is your day, and you shouldn’t spend it trying to please other people.

Final Words

And that’s it! While indecisiveness can make wedding planning seem like an uphill battle, it won’t last forever. By following the tips above you can find your clarity and make it through the entire planning process.

Just remember to focus on the big picture – getting married to the one you love. You’ll be enjoying your special day before you know it!