Hollywood Celebrities Who Went to Drug Rehab and Did Pretty Well!

Hollywood Celebrities Who Went to Drug Rehab and Did Pretty Well!

Hollywood Celebrities Who Went to Drug Rehab and Did Pretty Well!

Drug addiction is very common in Hollywood mainly because of the pressure and influences the celebrities are under.

Over the years several have fought and lost the battle. But there are others who have successfully defeated addiction and found happiness in sobriety.

These celebrities have proven that no matter how long you have fought the battle, it is never too late to win.

Did you know of these celebs who successfully finished rehab?

Robert Downey Jr

It seems like Iron Man has his fair side of struggles!

Robert Downey Jr is one celebrity who has been very open and candid about his recovery from addiction. The addiction started in his twenties - the age that tends to be the most vulnerable.

Over the years he continued taking drugs although he tried to stay sober during the times he shot movies. The actor who is loved by many was even arrested on multiple occasions!

With a strong commitment to rehab programs, therapy and encouragement from his wife Susan, Robert finally managed to emerge sober by 2003.


We all know the well-known rapper and one of the best-selling artists in the world, Eminem.

With all that fame and continuous time in the spotlight, it is not surprising that he turned to drugs to cope with his everyday schedule.

He took numerous pills per day and tried rehab but eventually relapsed.

At last, he decided to put an end to his addiction once and for all - mainly for his kids. He didn’t want his issues to get in the way of being a good father figure.

After many rehab sessions, doctor’s appointments and support groups, he finally won the battle and got sober in 2008.

Demi Lovato

The Camp Rock actress and award-winning singer, Demi has also been in deep drug trouble.

She was exposed to drugs at thirteen, like many other child stars. She took heroin, opioids, fentanyl, and a lot of cocaine.

Her drug habits caused her about three strokes and a heart attack and only after this, she decided that it was time to take recovery seriously.

Demi did relapse a few times but has managed to stay completely sober for two years now.

There are many others who have struggled like Demi but have managed to come clean with the help of successful centers for drug rehab in Beverly Hills.

Russel Brand

You probably know Russell Brand from movies like ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ or from his comedy acts.

He has been very open about his struggles with heroin addiction and even has a whole video on YouTube talking about his journey to recovery.

Russell confessed that he would try new drugs and each time he tried a new one, it became the solution for his current problem. He saw them as something which fulfilled his emotional and spiritual needs.

When his friend Amy Winehouse died after an overdose, he started taking his recovery process seriously.

Steven Tyler

This popular Aerosmith singer has millions of fans but not many know about his drug addiction past.

He got addicted when he was a teenager and tried everything he could to get drugs.

Tyler stated that all was great in the beginning but drugs slowly started taking a toll on his physical and mental health.

He tried to quit but relapsed after a while. This led him to pursue proper treatment in rehab. 

Right now he is completely sober and well!


If you are struggling with addiction and need a way out, don’t be afraid to get professional help.

There are plenty of other people like you who go through the same battle. It is never too late to seek help but the earlier you do it, the better.