Cheap Essay Writing Services – A Relief for Students in the Era of Rising Inflation

Cheap Essay Writing Services – A Relief for Students in the Era of Rising Inflation

Cheap Essay Writing Services - A Relief for Students in the Era of Rising Inflation

According to a report published by ONS (Office of National Statistics), the inflation rate in the UK by March 2023 was 5.7%. The increase in the inflation rate has adversely affected the students' lives. Let’s analyse how cheap essay writing services are helping UK students maintain their academic progress when facing the negative impacts of inflation on their social, academic and professional lives. 

Are The Maintenance Loans In The UK For Students Enough To Cover Their Living Costs? 

Before discussing the academic help provided by cheap essay writing services to the students, we need to understand how rising inflation in the UK has impacted the students. According to a survey that included 2,300 UK students from a period between May and August 2022, there was a shortfall of £439 between the living costs in the UK and the student's maintenance loan. It can also be seen in the table below: 

2022/23 Maintenance Loan Changes

Maximum Loan Values 2022/23 vs 2021/22 

Cash Change Real Change
England +2.3% -7.2%
Northern Ireland 0.0% -9.3%
Wales +3.5% -6.1%
Scotland +4.5% -5.2%


It suggests that the students' maintenance loans are not enough to meet the living costs of students, and they have to face difficulties in meeting their expenses. In such situations, it becomes difficult for students to manage their studies, jobs and social life together. Most students go for two jobs to meet their educational expenses. If someone works two jobs apart from managing their studies, how will he find enough time to complete the daily academic assignments and essays? That's where the academic writing agencies come to help. 

Inflation and Academic Writing Agencies: 

Seeing the increasing inflation trends in the United Kingdom, several academic writing companies took advantage of the situation and increased their rates. This unexpected rise in the rates of such agencies made it extremely difficult for students to take online academic assistance from such companies. Thankfully, we still have some cheap essay writing companies which provide authentic and professional essay writing help online to needy students. Such cheap essay writing services, one of which is The Academic Papers UK, have provided students with great relief in this era of inflation. 

The Academic Papers UK: 

Out of all the cheap essay writing services in the industry, The Academic Papers UK is the one which has maintained its standard of providing quality academic help to students without costing them an arm and a leg. Let's explore the top qualities of this cheap essay writing agency in further detail. 

Satisfied Clients: 

The Academic Papers UK has provided the best quality essay writing help to UK students since 2003. It boasts two decades of exceptional academic service and is the top choice for hundreds of UK students to get reliable essay help online. It has a vast pool of clientele, and the customer satisfaction rate of this service is also higher than the competitive service providers in the industry.

Affordable Pricing Model: 

The reason that The Academic Papers UK is the first choice of UK students is the affordability of its prices for the quality essay help it provides. For an essay with a deadline of 15+ days, the price per page this service will charge will be only £12.30. The website is easy to use, and you see a price calculating table on the homepage where you can easily calculate the price for your custom order and then hire this service. 

Money Back Guarantee: 

What's best about The Academic Papers UK is that it offers clients a 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not feel satisfied with the essay crafted per your requirements by the writers of this platform, you will be entitled to claim your money back. It enhances customers' trust in the reliability of the academic help offered by this authentic essay writing service online in the UK. 

Experienced Writers: 

The Academic Papers UK has hired Master's and PhD qualified writers to join the writing team. This platform trains the highly-qualified individuals for top-class academic writing, and only after arduous training are the writers responsible for writing personalised academic documents. Most of the writers at this essay writing agency boast experience of a decade in writing academic essays. Place your order now, and rest assured that a veteran, professional writer will write your academic essay. 

Freebies On Each Order

The Academic Papers UK also offers several freebies on each order you place on this essay writing service. You will get 15% off on your 1st order if you are a new customer. It has also introduced several discounts for regular customers. Contact the helpful and 24/7 available customer support team to know more about the current offers and discounts this cheap essay writing service provides. 

Safe and Secure

Most students stay concerned about their privacy when ordering from cheap essay writing services; they fear that such services might sell their private data online. It is not the same with The Academic Papers UK because protecting students' privacy comes first to this professional essay writing service. It follows UK Data Protection Act and ensures that your confidential data and private details stay 100% safe and secure with this service. 

Best Quality Essays

One thing that every client of The Academic Papers UK will vouch for is the fact that this essay writing agency never compromises on the quality of essays it provides. All you need to do is to provide your writer with the custom guidelines of your order, and rest assured that your custom essay will receive an A grade from your professors! 


In this era of inflation in the UK, finding authentic and cheap essay writing services online is not easy. The Academic Papers UK has never compromised its standards and has always helped hundreds of thousands of students achieve their academic goals. If you want the best essays written by professionals in your field, hire this essay writing service and rest assured that you will be 100% satisfied with the papers crafted by the writers on this platform.