5 Things You Can Expect After a Hair Transplant


Information online coaches you through the hair transplant process. You can find out details about the surgery plus what you should do to prepare for the big day. However, there is little information about what to expect after the surgery and the recovery process. This can leave you in the dark, and need help to make a fully informed decision.


Is the recovery painful? When can you start to see hair growth? These are popular questions people ask after a hair transplant. Let’s talk about five things you should expect after having this procedure.


There Will be Swelling


It is crucial to remember that a hair transplant is an operation. You are going to have some side effects after the procedure. When you are aware of what they are, you can prepare. For example, post-operational swelling is common. This is a natural reaction of the body. But, it can be mild, depending on the type of hair transplant you have. The swelling is present on the scalp, particularly on the donor and recipient sites. Some people may experience it on the forehead or around the eyes too.


An experienced surgeon is going to inform you of the swelling you can expect. In addition, choosing innovative and advanced hair transplant techniques can diminish the swelling you experience. For example, Dr Yaman offers the best techniques at his clinic in Turkey. You can view before and after hairline transplant photos on his website. They show what can be achieved and you can keep downtime to a minimum. Typically, you can expect swelling to last around seven days. Often, the third day is when you start to see swelling diminishing.


Prepare for Shock Loss


Most unpleasant side effects have diminished by the first and second months. We are talking about discomfort and swelling. So, this is around the time that patients look for results. They are excited to see growth. Indeed, there can be some from the new hair follicles, which is encouraging. But, this can then be followed by hair loss. Many will panic and wonder what has gone wrong.


This process is called shock loss, which can happen on the donor and recipient sites. This is alarming, and people assume there is a problem. But, it is a normal reaction and something that happens with hair transplants. It can last for a couple of months. Now that you know about this process, you are going to understand when it happens.


Uneven Growth


People get impatient with hair transplants. They want quick transformations. In reality, this is not how it works. Hair transplants take time since you are moving hair follicles. They need time to settle, heal and grow. This cannot happen overnight and good things come to those who wait.


Something you should expect is uneven growth. This can happen over the first few months and after shock loss. Hair follicles will heal and thrive at different rates, which requires patience. It will not be like this forever. You might find that some areas have luscious and thick hair. Others are shorter and slow-growing. This will change with time.


Six Months for Thick Hair


Typically, it takes around six months for you to see real progress with the hair growing. Specifically, this is the timeframe for strong and thick hairs to come through. They will be noticeable by this point. Indeed, your patience has been worth it and most people start to regain their confidence by month six. While you must still be careful with your hair to ensure growth, things are less restrictive.


Therefore, know that the six-month mark is a good one. The growth will start to even out, and you can see the condition of the hairs coming through. They will feel thicker to the touch and have the natural texture of the other hairs on the scalp. Plus, they will generally feel stronger than before.


Natural Results Within One Year


Most people want more information on when they can realize the results of a hair transplant. First of all, know that it can depend on the patient. It can also depend on the type of hair transplant they have had. But, say you are a healthy patient and you have chosen a hair transplant, such as DHI or manual FUE. You can expect to see the natural results of the surgeon within one year.


Most patients have achieved the hairstyle they have wanted for years after 12 months. You are free to use any of your own products on the hair, cut it and even wear a hat. There are no longer any restrictions. The waiting has been worth it. Thankfully, a hair transplant is defined as a permanent solution to thinning and baldness. This means you now have a new lease of life.