4 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

4 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Planning a wedding comes up there as one of the most intent and stressful things you can do in your life. It is only natural that you want your wedding day to run with little to no fuss or significant disasters, and for this to happen, things to be just right; you need to put a lot of thought into the planning and organisation to get all the small details in the palace for a stunning wedding.

And to do this means avoiding making some of the common mistakes couples make when planning their nuptials.

Not Getting Enough Quotes

You need a lot of suppliers for your wedding. From heart and make-up to the venue, finding the best wedding cake supplier, food, drinks, entertainment, and more, the list goes on. One of the worst things you can do is not to shop around and get multiple quotes to find out what services are on offer, the costs of what you need, and what you can expect for your budget. So take the time to look at all your options and research different vendors before deciding.

Blowing The Budget

Your wedding isn't a Say Yes To The Dress episode, and maxing out your budget or going over on one aspect will not magically work itself out. You need to make your budget and stick to it. Work out what your overall spending needs to come in under and how much you are willing to spend on each part of the wedding (getting quotes can help you allocate your budget more effectively). This will help you not to pay more than you should and not be able to come up with the funds or compromise on other aspects to make things work.

Not Listening To Expert Advice

There is a massive difference between paying attention to anecdotal stories and listening to vendors and those in the wedding industry. You need to lean on the knowledge gained from their work and experience in the wedding sector to help you make the right decisions. Talk to the vendors you are meeting with or thinking of booing and ask them for advice and tips. 

Chances are these vendors, especially photographers and stylists, will have picked up some handy and practical tips for the day itself that can be extremely useful, or will have a better insight into how you should arrange timings for deliveries and setting up. Whatever they have to offer, listen and take it on board.

Making Decisions on Cost Alone

While you don't want to blow the budget, the last thing you should be doing is making your decisions based on budget and costs alone. While it is imperative you stick to a realistic budget, you also need to look at other factors included in the quotes before maligning your decision. No one wants to discover something is missing, or you don't have what you need due to not exploring your options or checking precisely what is included in your packages. This can happen all too often for couples looking to save money, and while on paper some vendors might be more costly, they might have additional extras of a better reputation that justifies the cost.


Wedding days are special joyous occasions that need to be celebrated, and by avoiding some of the more common mistakes couples make when planning a wedding, you can ensure your day goes off without any issues.