Top 5 Benefits of Being an Underdog Attorney

Top 5 Benefits of Being an Underdog Attorney

Top 5 Benefits of Being an Underdog Attorney

Fame is a double-edged sword. Depending on how you handle it, it can propel you to greater heights of success or plunge you into the abyss. 

In legal practice, fame is an asset in the sense that it can boost your reputation as an attorney. Winning a high-profile case and creating a buzz around it will have more clients knocking on your doors. 

On the flip side, fame might have the general population placing too much expectation on you. And when everyone is counting on you to win, a subtle loss can have far-reaching implications. That’s precisely why it’s prudent to fly under the radar as an attorney. 

Below are the top five benefits of being an underdog lawyer.

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Being an Underdog Attorney Means, You Have Nothing to Lose

As an underdog lawyer, only a few people know about your existence. That means you haven’t built a solid reputation to go on. Some people may expect you to win a case. But many are probably banking on you to lose. 

An underdog attorney operates within a legal landscape that can best be described as a David-Goliath situation. Since you have no name to defend, you’ll find it much easier to focus on every case on your desk. Metaphorically put, your little, underestimated sling can make a difference in winning a suit or breaking a closed case wide open. 

However, it’s essential not to settle for average simply because you have no reputation to defend. Like any attorney, your primary goal is to give your clients the best representation they can get. The only difference here is that you can focus on your cases more soberly because no one expects you to win.

Being an Underdog Attorney Allows You to Focus on Getting a Better

An underdog lawyer has nothing to lose. On the contrary, they have everything to gain. Since you don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations, it becomes much easier to focus on excelling yourself. 

Underdog attorneys understand that every win is a chance to celebrate. They also embrace losses without putting up a fuss. 

Most importantly, an underdog attorney understands there’s no such thing as failure. You either win or learn. 

Any case will inspire you to become a better version of yourself regardless of the outcome. And with a clearer mind, you’ll be able to study your opponents carefully and leverage their limitations against them. 

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Being an Underdog Attorney Attracts Little Public Attention

Law is one of the most fulfilling professions. Most attorneys aspire to make the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame and possibly break Gerald Leonard Spence’s record of never losing a criminal case as a prosecutor or defense attorney. 

However, there’s no denying that legal practice is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. And if a recent report by the National Law Journal is anything to go by, then family lawyers are nearly at risk as prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. 

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand why lawyers are at risk. You simply need to represent a serial killer or go up against local drug cartels, and you’re immediately a marked man. 

Being an underdog attorney may not entirely strike you off the hit list of local criminal gangs. But it can reduce the risks of such confrontations significantly. All you need to do is avoid the media and ensure your lawsuits are prosecuted on camera. 

This means only the defendant, plaintiff, and their families actively attending court proceedings will determine who you are. 

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Being an Underdog Attorney Means You Approach Every Case with Sobriety

Prosecuting high-profile cases with twists and turns is often an intriguing experience for most lawyers. You can never tell the outcome until the judge or jury delivers their verdict. 

If you’re a top-dog attorney, the moments preceding a major ruling are typically marked by intense anxiety. That’s because you have a reputation to uphold and will accept nothing short of a win. 

A loss in such circumstances can considerably blow your credibility and potentially cost you important clients. 

The contrary is the case with underdog lawyers, who usually do not invest so much emotion into the outcome of their cases. They simply perform their best and wait for their lucky stars to take care of the rest. 

Being an Underdog Attorney Allows You to Build a Strong Work Ethic

Playing the underdog is one of the numerous ways to build a strong work ethic. This applies to pretty much any profession, including legal practice. 

As we’ve already pointed out, it’s easier to become a better version of yourself when no one knows your name. That’s because there are fewer distractions to contend with. 

Underdog lawyers pursue their cases with the end in mind. They know that winning a case needs not to attract too much fanfare. 

Underdogs do not approach their lawsuits based on their clients’ standing in society either. Instead, each suit is treated on its merit. Such an objective mindset can go a long way in helping foster a strong work ethic. 

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There’s nothing wrong with drawing the spotlight on yourself occasionally. However, as an attorney with your whole life ahead of you, it pays to fly under the radar than be on everyone’s lips.