How To Be Stylish Over 50: Guide For Men

How To Be Stylish Over 50: Guide For Men

How To Be Stylish Over 50: Guide For Men

Stylish men over 50? Yes, male fashion models and many of us prefer to be young according to this rule. 


Even in catalogs that are meant for middle-aged and older males, the models that appear are typically quite a little younger than the consumers they are trying to attract. That might be confusing. 

Although there are no serious limitations on appearances, it is natural that your style may evolve slightly with time. Most guys in their 50s don't feel as attractive in their clothes as they did in their 20s.

Business clothes are usually comfortable and look good as they are top quality and fit well, but they aren't very useful beyond official business settings. Many men don't even wear them for work.

Also, some men in their 50s do not work at all because they were retired at an early age. This raises the demand for professional-looking attire and casual enough to be worn in informal, social settings. 

There are, fortunately, many possibilities and right now is the best moment to be a handsome middle-aged man.

Take Benefits of Age: Develop a Unique Look Over the 50s

Younger men enjoy the advantages of starting fresh. Many are only now entering their teenage years and experiencing the freedom of choosing their own clothing. 

That makes some young guys try out new styles but it also involves a lot of money and some obvious mistakes.

On the other hand, older guys have a good starting point: they have 20 30- years pieces of items to work with.

Not all of these will automatically make you look smart. If you wear casual clothes for most of your life and choose to clean up your look for the first time when you are in your 50s, you have a lot of shopping to do.

But even a small wardrobe will help most guys at least a little. With some additional work, you can use everything that fits well again. Search with your clothes for good basics that can be worn as the basis of a wide range of outfits.

Dress Trousers

Have you ever tried grey slacks from your working days? Or the bottom of an outfit whose top has already expired. Replace your regular jeans and sweatpants with those and see how you like them.

It will turn best after you pair them. They will be exactly as comfy as you hoped, adding a quick appearance of sophistication to your look.

Chinos and Khakis

This is the same basic idea with a simpler application. Wear them with a jacket or jumper to avoid looking like an office person in khakis. They're also an excellent replacement for jeans.

Casual and Business Coats

One of the advantages of middle age is that you can finally wear a jacket whenever you like. Adjust them to fit perfectly, and you'll stand out from the crowd.

Formal and Dress Shirts

If you've been working for several years, you probably have a nice collection of formal shirts. Some basic white ones are worth keeping for their versatility, and others can be enhanced with colorful and patterned ones as needed.

Your shirt collars look better when they are sharp.

To maintain the sharpness of your shirt's collar, it's essential to pay attention to their care and storage. Washing your shirts according to the care instructions is crucial to keep them in good condition. Once washed, it's recommended to hang your shirts on suit hangers to maintain their shape and prevent creasing. By incorporating these techniques you can ensure that your formal shirts remain both stylish and well-maintained.

Leather Shoes

Suppose you are confused about footwear; wear a pair of leather boots. Big, puffy trainers are the universal symbol of the impoverished old guy. Avoid being "that guy." if your toes need extra support. Invest in footwear with leather uppercuts and try to avoid heavy orthopedic soles.

Some of these items may already be in your hands. According to your preferences and needs, you might not have used some of them in a very long time.

Don't be afraid to add new items to your wardrobe if necessary, but also make good use of the things you already have.

Put some old clothing back into your wardrobe and visit the tailor if you require any alterations. You likely already possess the starting point of a smart look.

Conclusion with Additional Tips

The difference between daytime and evening attire isn't as sharp as before, but we all still want to stand out, right? It's inappropriate to wear the same clothes to the supermarket as you would to the theatre.

Where you're going has a significant impact on how formally you should dress for the evening. 

Historically, performances at the theatre, like opera and symphony halls, have been more formal. The same holds for fine eateries where you sit down at tables covered with linen. A formal suit and tie are just appropriate attire in those situations.

Life in your 50s can be stylish if you want it to be. Like with your daily outfit, paying attention to the details here will make a big difference. Don't be a man who only wears grey trousers and a blue blazer. 

Be the gentleman in grey trousers, a navy jacket, black leather boots and a belt clip resembling the blazer's gold buttons.