Here’s Why Rugby Teams Love Custom Polo Shirts

Here’s Why Rugby Teams Love Custom Polo Shirts

Here’s Why Rugby Teams Love Custom Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have long been a favorite for sports fans of all ages and genders. Known for their characteristic collar and three-button neckline that you can button or leave open - polo shirts have held a top spot on the list of choice wear in professional sports from as early as the 1800s.

One sport where polo shirts are quite popular is of course rugby. But why do rugby teams love custom polo shirts? Here are the top 5 reasons. 

Light & Breathable

Polo shirts are light and relatively thin in construction. This feature helps keep them breathable, which is something rugby players need in the highly engaging sport. So, the shirts still feel comfortable, no matter the weather, and don’t weigh down the players. 

That said, some rugby shirts are typically heavier than regular polo shirts. Still, they are designed to stay breathable as well as absorb moisture to keep you comfortable and dry.

Unique Designs

The best thing about custom polo shirts is that they allow teams to create their own unique designs easily. Polo shirts are highly versatile, and so, allow for easy customization while remaining stylish, comfortable, and elegant. You can add anything from fun graphics to embroidery. 

As for the material, traditional polo shirts are made of cotton, but you can still pick the material you want. You can even get rid of the collars to spice up the look. This ability to customize the design makes polo shirts timeless.

Flexible with a Full Range of Motion

Rugby is an incredibly physical sport, and players must be super flexible and have a full range of motion. Custom polo shirts allow for this thanks to their stretchy material that ensures the outfits move with the body. These shirts also fit better than traditional rugby jerseys, granting players more flexibility.


Custom polo shirts are often made from strong, tear-resistant materials that can withstand tear and wear. For instance, some designers use a combination of spandex and polyester to create a fabric that stretches enough while still being strong. In other cases, custom polo jerseys are made from heavier materials such as cotton, making them stronger and less likely to tear easily.

Comfortable & Classic

Because custom polo shirts are made from soft, breathable materials, they are pretty comfortable on the skin. As a result, you can wear them for extended periods and not feel uncomfortable. They’re also looser fitting than most of the other sports shirts, making them less restrictive.

Custom polo shirts are also known to be a classic. They are timeless and can be worn beyond the pitch for varying occasions. The fact that you can customize them with different designs, logos, and colors makes them all the more sought out.

Get Customized Rugby Shirts for Your Team Today

If you want to add sophistication and style to your wardrobe, custom rugby shirts are an excellent option. Besides being super comfortable and durable, you can customize them to your liking. So, upgrade to a high-quality, personalized polo rugby shirt today.