Hair Care Tips for Women with Thinning Hair

Hair Care Tips for Women with Thinning Hair

Hair Care Tips for Women with Thinning Hair

You're in the bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror. You're distressed to notice your hair is thinning.

There are many reasons for thinning hair in women, some of which you can address at home. Taking proper care of thin hair is an excellent way to help prevent more hair thinning.

Hair loss can quickly damage self-confidence in a woman, so learning how to manage it is crucial. Once you know what to and not to do, you can start having healthier-looking hair.

If this is an issue you're having with your hair, keep reading. This article will give you hair care tips for thinning hair and more.

What Causes Thinning Hair in Women?

One of the first things you may do once you notice your hair thinning is consult Google to find out the cause. However, several things can cause hair thinning in women. You may be able to diagnose some hair loss causes yourself; otherwise, you may need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis.

Treatment can range from using the best shampoo for hair growth to prescribed medications. Our heads lose a certain amount of hair daily, but when this becomes excessive, you may have a problem with thinning hair. Thankfully this usually happens gradually and doesn't necessarily mean you'll have bald areas.

Below we'll list some causes of hair thinning in women. You'll see which will be easier to self-diagnose and which will need a medical professional's opinion.

  • Using products that are harsh on your hair
  • A change in your hormones
  • A lack of adequate nutrients in your diet
  • You're on medication for an autoimmune disease
  • You're putting your hair through too many treatments (i.e., bleaching, heat-styling, etc.)
  • You have a vitamin deficiency
  • It's hereditary
  • You were recently pregnant
  • You're experiencing extreme stress
  • You frequently wear your hair tightly pulled back
  • You have or are recovering from an eating disorder

What to Avoid With Thinning Hair

Knowing what is causing your thinning hair is half the battle. Even if you're still in the diagnosis phase, there are still things you should and should not do when you have thin hair. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Don't use too much product on thinning hair after washing
  • Avoid an unhealthy diet
  • Avoid washing thinning hair too often
  • Take proper care of your scalp with appropriate cleansing products
  • Don't reach for dry shampoo all the time
  • Avoid hairstyles that require you to tease the hair
  • Avoid tying your hair back as often
  • Avoid delaying seeing a medical professional

Tips for Healthier-Looking Hair

Okay, so your hair is thinning, and you'd like to know how to have healthier-looking hair. That's great because we have some excellent hair care tips for women with thin hair. Here are the best five:

  1. Use Covering Products

One quick way of dealing with thinning hair is to use products made specifically to help this problem. For example, sprays or powders that come in various hair colors. You select the shade closest to your hair color and apply it to your scalp to help give an illusion of thicker hair.

  1. Eat a Proper Diet

When you lack vitamins in your diet, your body suffers the consequences. You should reconsider if your diet consists primarily of unhealthy, over-processed foods. Try switching to a healthier, more balanced diet, and you should start seeing a change in your hair.

  1. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Excessive stress can cause hair loss, so one way to address this problem is to reduce stress levels. There are studies linking long-term stress and hair loss. It's also believed that excess hormones expressed from your adrenal glands can disrupt your hair growth cycle.

  1. Find a Proper Shampoo

Another treatment option you can try is to find a shampoo that's made specifically for thinning hair in women. For example, shampoos with added proteins can help strengthen hair; however, you should still limit washing thinning hair to 2 to 3 times a week.

  1. Cheat

Finally, our last tip for healthier-looking hair is to cheat. Yes, you read that right. You can cheat the system by buying a wig and wearing that when you feel you want to hide your thinning hair. There's no shame in wearing a wig, and you can have fun with it. Buy one for every day of the week!

  • Pro Tip: Invest in a high-quality wig because they look natural, and it won't be apparent to anyone that you're wearing a wig

Best Routine for Thin Hair

We have your back if you need help to care for thinning hair. Here's a hair care routine for thin hair that you can do at home. Caution, your hair is most vulnerable when wet, so be as gentle as possible.

The first step is to check the water temperature. You don't want it to be hot, or it will strip the natural oils. Keep it warm.

Second, use a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner. These products will help build your hair follicles up when washing thinning hair.

Third, you always want to use conditioner. However, you don't want to apply it too close to the roots, or you'll have to wash your hair more frequently, which can damage it—rather a condition only the mids and ends.

Fourth, when drying your hair with a towel, be very gentle, or you risk breakage. If you're using a hairdryer, use it on a low heat setting and keep it a proper distance from the hair.

Finally, apply a light serum containing proteins and vitamins to your hair. Serums like these will help keep it detangled so you don't damage your hair while brushing.

Take Extra Care of Your Thinning Hair

Thinning hair in women can be alarming when you first notice it, but it's not something to necessarily fear right away. If you detect it early enough, you can help rebuild it by using the right shampoo and conditioner, maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding harsh products, and over-styling your hair. These are significant changes you can make to help your scalp.

We hope this article gave you some answers. If you have more questions, seek answers to more questions in our Home, Fashion, Beauty, and other similar categories.