Gifts for coffee lovers – Where do you start?

Gifts for coffee lovers – Where do you start?

Gifts for coffee lovers - Where do you start?

Choosing a gift for someone is a tricky process. However, if you know a thing or two about the recipient’s interests, you can make the process a whole lot easier. If you know that the person you’re buying a gift for loves coffee, you’re in luck - there are plenty of options, so let’s take a look at where you should start.

Gift card for a cafe

If the recipient is a big coffee lover who mainly enjoys getting their coffee fix when they’re out and about, then consider getting them a gift card for a local cafe that sells an excellent cup of joe. Try to make sure that the cafe is close enough to them that they’ll be able to go relatively regularly, but maybe somewhere a little more special than they’d usually go themselves. 

A gift card is a great option for coffee lovers who don’t love making coffee themselves - if they are a big fan of participating in the craft, then there are a whole host of other options you can look into.

Coffee beans

A great gift to start with is to give the gift of coffee beans. If they’re already big into coffee, you’ll want to try to get this just right; people will generally prefer a specific kind of roast and bean - you want to get something with a similar taste and intensity, but perhaps change it up just a little bit so that it allows them to try something new.

Coffee subscription

If you want to get the perfect coffee-inspired gift that just keeps on giving, then it’s definitely worth looking into coffee subscriptions from brands like Peak Coffee Co. You can choose the regularity based on how much coffee they drink, whether you go with biweekly, weekly, or fortnightly delivery options. 

You can then also generally choose whether you want to keep on sending the same bean each time, or mix things up and send a different one with each delivery. It’s a wonderful, thoughtful gift, and they can then choose whether they want to keep on going with the subscription once the allotted gift period has run out.

Coffee table book

If the recipient is overly particular about the kinds of coffee that they drink, then it might be safer to get them something like a coffee table book. This could be a book on a wide range of subjects, perhaps looking at different cultural approaches to coffee, or the changing role the beverage has played in society over the ages. Choose a book that looks really good, and they can use it to add a little panache to their living room or kitchen. 

Coffee-related artwork

While books can be a lovely decorative element, for people who aren’t such big readers you can take it a step further and buy them a piece of coffee-related artwork. This could be anything from a framed sack of an old coffee bean sack to a drawing of their favourite bean producer’s logo. Get creative - if they’re a true coffee lover, as long as it’s related to the drink they’re sure to love it.

There you have it - from coffee subscriptions to coffee artwork, any of the ideas above should be a great place to get started with your coffee-inspired gift shopping. Just keep the personal preferences of the recipient in mind and we’re sure that you’ll come up with the perfect gift idea.