Creative Hobbies: Paint by Numbers and Diamond Painting

Creative Hobbies: Paint by Numbers and Diamond Painting

Creative Hobbies: Paint by Numbers and Diamond Painting

Paint by numbers and diamond painting have become trendy creative activities in recent years. They allow for the creation of artistic productions without necessarily having painting or drawing skills, making them suitable for both children and adults. Beyond their playful function, they offer numerous benefits for practitioners. We invite you to discover these manual activities, which may inspire you to try them as well.

What is paint by numbers?

Paint by numbers is primarily an artistic technique. In practice, it involves creating a work of art from a pre-printed canvas. In other words, the basis of paint by numbers is a painting with a design, but without color. You see only the shapes, which are broken down into several compartments. Each subdivision is assigned a number that corresponds to a specific color.

As you fill in the areas with the corresponding colors, your painting comes to life. The principle is relatively easy to understand. It's a manual activity that requires some dexterity but remains very enjoyable. Additionally, its implementation requires specific equipment. Since you're not Picasso yet, you'll need a pre-printed and numbered canvas.

These canvases are available in various sizes, with representations on a wide range of themes. You'll need acrylic paints that correspond to the colors to be used on the canvas as well as several brushes of different sizes. But the good news is that paint by numbers kits come with everything included, so you do not need to buy any extra material. 

What is diamond painting?

Like paint by numbers, diamond painting is an interesting manual activity. It is also called diamond art. It appeared in the world of creative hobbies about a decade ago. Its principle is to create mosaic canvases using rhinestones of different colors. In practice, diamond painting borrows some codes from paint by numbers. Its basis is also a pre-printed and numbered canvas. The main difference is that you use adhesive glitter instead of paint.

In addition to these elements, you'll need a stylus and special glue to pick up the rhinestones. All diamond painting materials are sold in kits to ensure you have everything you need at your disposal. However, for diamond painting, it is essential to work in sections. The base canvas is covered with a film that protects the adhesive material where the glitter will be placed. You must remove this film to reveal the numbers of the rhinestones to be applied.

If you remove the entire protective film, the canvas will be exposed to dust. This may affect the adhesion of the sticky material and prevent proper attachment of your diamonds. Likewise, you must work methodically and not mix the rhinestone colors. Finally, diamond painting takes more time than paint by numbers. If you are a beginner, start with small canvases and gradually increase the difficulty.

What are the benefits of these two creative hobbies?

Paint by numbers and diamond painting offer numerous health benefits. First, they stimulate the brain and develop creativity. Picture the excitement you'd feel as you work on a custom paint by number project, using a design that's actually based on your own photo. It could be a cherished moment with loved ones, a snapshot of your adorable pet, or a favorite memory from a special holiday.

Next, these two activities contribute to better fine motor skill development. In other words, they require good hand gesture coordination. You also need to concentrate to place the right colors and rhinestones in the correct locations. This combination improves hand-eye synchronization.

Speaking of vision, diamond painting and paint by numbers help combat eye dryness. The eye movements they impose during practice are effective for lacrimal fluid secretion. This also helps maintain the muscles surrounding your eyes in good condition. Moreover, both activities are soothing and help relieve stress and better channel emotions.

Additionally, these creative hobbies help improve self-confidence. To create beautiful paintings, you don't need to be a skilled artist or professional illustrator. The satisfaction felt after completing a canvas is enjoyable and helps boost confidence. Finally, it's worth acknowledging that these two activities contribute to maintaining good mental faculties for children, young people, and adults alike.