Automated Or Manual – What Type Of Car Wash Is Best?

Automated Or Manual – What Type Of Car Wash Is Best?

Automated Or Manual - What Type Of Car Wash Is Best?

New car owners are compassionate in maintaining the sparkle and shine of their cars and can't tolerate the slightest dirt or debris spoiling the looks. They take their car for cleaning often to keep the glossy look of the exterior. Even when cars become old, regular cleaning speaks about the aesthetic senses of the owner and underlines their taste for good things. Washing the car on your own is always an option but might only be feasible for some people. Taking the car to a washing station such as https://amscarwashdetailing.sg/car-wash-vacuum-singapore ensures a thorough professional cleaning, primarily automated. However, there are many other car washing methods; you should know which one is best for you.

  • Automated car wash

The process starts by placing the car on a conveyor belt, which moves the vehicle slowly ahead to enter a tunnel with brushes, sprayers, and blowers on the sides. Spraying foam cleaner all over the car, followed by washing with water jets while scrubbing the surfaces with the rotating brushes, helps to clean the vehicle thoroughly and quickly. It costs less than manual washing, but harsh cleaning agents and abrasive brushes can damage the shine and gloss of the car. The process is fully automatic as the operator controls the cleaning process from a remote console.

  • Brushless car wash

Also known as soft touch wash, brushless car wash ensures better cleaning with less surface damage. As the name indicates, the washing process does not use brushes but instead uses strips of soft cloth to wipe the surfaces clean. Although the process is safe and reduces the chances of damage to the painted surfaces due to abrasion, it does not guarantee total safety. Repeated use of the same piece of cloth might make dirt particles adhere to it, which can leave scratch marks on the car's exterior. Staying clear of harsh chemicals reduces the chances of damage considerably. 

  • No touch car wash

To eliminate the risk of scratches from brushes and cloth, you can opt for a no-touch car wash that uses neither of the rubbing mechanism. Moreover, the process is eco-friendly as it uses less water. However, the absence of cloth or brush means a lack of wiping or rubbing the surface after washing, resulting in less effective cleaning. There will be chances of some deep-seated dirt marks still visible in some places, even after washing. Trying to remove these by using harsh chemicals can damage the painted surface, which loses its shine and makes the surface vulnerable to getting dirty sooner. 

  • Hand car wash

The expert professional cleaners remove water spots and dirt from every inch of the surface. Washing cars by spraying water and cleaning agents and then rubbing the surface manually with a soft cloth or sponge ensures a thorough cleaning but takes longer. However, careful application is necessary to ensure safe cleaning because repeated use of the same sponge might damage the painted surface.

However, following the best practices can significantly eliminate the dangers of surface damage.