All The Reasons To Adopt Natural Skincare Products

All The Reasons To Adopt Natural Skincare Products

All The Reasons To Adopt Natural Skincare Products

Skincare has come a long way since applying toxic lead and other poisons to the face was a trendy norm. But even so, in 2019, the FDA recalled about ten different beauty products due to the presence of asbestos in the formulations. 

Unfortunately, the average individual still relies heavily on chemical-based products when it comes to skincare and beauty. Even though we know these products could contain damaging chemical ingredients, we still use them to get the latest look and follow the newest trends. 

But you could consider the alternative of natural products. Here’s why. 

Natural Products Contain No Toxic Ingredients

Of course, the first reason to throw out your chemical-laden shower gel for goat milk soap bars is that the latter contains no harmful ingredients. With organic skincare, products are formulated using only natural ingredients. There are no parabens, sulfates, lead, or other toxic chemicals, and you won’t find bizarre synthetic preservatives in your products either. 

Organic Beauty Products Smell Better

For those who struggle with sensitive skin, you’ve probably already noticed that most hypoallergenic products designed for sensitive skin contain no fragrances. Unfortunately, these products tend to smell unpleasant; there’s no artificial fragrance to mask the scents of various chemicals. 

On the other hand, organic products can be gentle enough for sensitive skin types as they use natural fragrances, if any. Often, organic products lead with the scents of their key ingredients. For example, an organic aloe face mask will smell like aloe, while a natural citrus body scrub will smell like citrus fruits. There’s no need for artificial fragrances when active ingredients offer natural scents. 

Gentle Enough For Sensitive Skin

As mentioned, organic ingredients are typically suitable for sensitive skin types. However, those who suffer from allergies will need to refrain from using products that contain relevant allergens. 

Nevertheless, individuals with sensitive skin types can shop more freely when it comes to organic beauty and skincare products. More often than not, chemical fillers and preservatives in commercial products are the culprits that cause skin irritation. Because organic products are free of chemicals, it’s far less likely to upset the skin. 

Organic Products Are Eco-Friendly

As consumers start to wake up to the environmental crisis, more shoppers are choosing eco-friendly alternatives to lend a hand in conservation. As a result, it’s wise to choose organic products because the manufacturing of these products considers the environment. 

Animal Cruelty Is Not A Concern

The impact of animal testing for the sake of beauty and skincare products is a heartbreaking topic for anyone that adores animals. Switching to organic products is an effective way to support anti-animal cruelty organizations.

Instead of supporting brands that openly test their products on helpless animals, consider supporting organic brands that help abolish animal testing practices. 

Natural Ingredients Work Better

When considering most chemical products incorporate artificial replication ingredients for natural ingredients, it makes sense how natural products can work better. For example, vitamin C face creams that promise an even, brighter skin tone will use synthetic forms of vitamin C that cannot replicate the effectiveness of organic vitamin C derived from citrus fruits. 

Chemical-Laden Products Are More Expensive

It’s no secret that skincare and beauty products are expensive. Whether you’re following a basic 3 step skincare regime or an extensive twelve-step routine, there’s a good chance you’re spending a lot more than you really need to. 

Organic skincare and beauty products are far more affordable. The process of farming organic ingredients and creating natural formulations requires a lot less than it does to manufacture chemical products. Simply by switching to organic products, you can save thousands of dollars every year on caring for your skin. 

Organic Ingredients Can Treat Acne

If you’ve been battling to get acne breakouts under control, it’s time to throw out all those chemical acne treatments that promise overnight results. There’s a good chance chemical preservatives, parabens, and sulfates are causing your acne, and these acne-causing ingredients are present in all commercial acne treatments. 

Organic acne treatments that contain ingredients like jojoba, tea tree, aloe, and even turmeric can effectively treat acne and prevent breakouts, all while boosting skin health. Because these ingredients are all-natural, you can also consider making DIY acne treatments, such as turmeric powder face masks, at home. 

There are tons of reasons to switch to organic skincare. Aside from protecting the planet and preventing animal testing, your skin health will improve, and you’ll save a fortune in the long run.