7 Fun and Creative Ways To Enjoy Your Photographs

7 Fun and Creative Ways To Enjoy Your Photographs

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Photography is an excellent way of being able to capture and preserve memories and moments in time for you to look back on. But in a modern world where more images are taken digitally on smartphones, fewer pictures are being printed out to look at. The reality is many people take these pictures, and they are left languishing on memory cards of cloud storage for eternity without anyone doing anything with them.

While traditional methods of storing photographs aren't as popular these days, it doesn't mean you can still get the image from your phone and into real life for you to enjoy each and every day. This post looks at some creative ways to treasure your memories and bring them from the digital world to real life for maximum enjoyment.

Digital Frame

If you really want to keep with a digital theme, a digital photo frame can be a great addition to your life. These frames work via downloading an app or using a memory card to transfer photos to the frame, which can then display them. Many frames allow you to upload multiple items and have them run through on a cycle, so the picture changes frequently. This is perfect for relatives who live far away, especially if your frame has app connectivity, or for those short on space but still want to look at pictures without hanging them on the wall. You can keep images fresh and updated frequently or set them to static photos if you wish.

Phone Cases

For many people, our phones are never far away and using your favourite image on a phone case is an excellent way of being able to look at it frequently while also having a good way to identify your phone should you need to or if you lose it. Phone cases come in different styles and are the perfect medium for printing pictures. Just make sure you follow the directions carefully to ensure you get the best quality and placement to make it look as good as possible. So if you have a really good image you want to keep with you at all times, why not get yourself a cool photo phone case?


You don't just need to place images in frames and more; you can get as creative as possible with your images' display. If you already have pictures printed out, why not like them in a collage? Or create a digital collage for you to print out onto a canvas? Not only these collages can be used in many different ways, including being added to a case to add to a tabletop, printed out onto blankets or clothing and even onto wallpaper for a fun and unique twist on personalising your decor. So before you head out to buy frames and print hundreds of pictures, think outside the box and look at different ways, you can generate collages and the mediums you can then add this to.


We touched on making collages with your images, but what about immortalising them in other ways? If you don't want to print hundreds of images out, why not look at designing custom wallpaper and adding your photographs to a design that will enable them to be printed on wallpaper for you to hang anywhere in your home? Alternatively, you can design custom wall decals to have the same effect, but you can use them on your ceiling, for example,e or not cover other surfaces in your home. This option is ideal for making feature walls without hanging picture frames for designing family and children's bedrooms or adding more personal touches to your home. If you want a more subtle option, why not add images to borders for a more personal yet discrete look that allows you to enjoy your memories?

Home Accessories

While photo frames fall under this category, why not get creative with the type of frame you are using? One such item that has become popular in recent years for displaying photographs is wall clocks. Each number comes with a small frame for you to add a picture to for a practical yet personal way to show your treasured memories. Other suggestions include wall art graphics and stickers, such as the Tree of Life design, which has spaces for pictures to be added to branches to depict a family tree. You can even design your own decor too to display the images, from using them in mobile design with fairy lights for young kids to bedding, pillow, throws and more.

Story Books and Photo Books

Photo books and story books have become the modern replacement for photo albums and generally require you to create them digitally so the images are printed onto the pages rather than being printed off and inserted into a sleeve.

You can create some beautiful designs for your images to bring to life memories of a particular time or them or to treasure a special event like the birth of a baby or a special birthday. From here, you can find storybook options that help you include loved ones in retelling a story using their pictures to form the illustrations in the story. Simply head online to find specialist retailers who offer this type of product to see your options and create a memory you can treasure for many years to come.


Lastly, why not add your pictures to clothing? A popular choice for parties, hen and stag do's and the like, but still a really unique and clever way to display your photographs. These days you can design a range of clothing incorporating images to help you get maximum enjoyment from a functional item and give you something unique no one else has. From shirts to hoodies, socks, underwear and more, you find the perfect ideas for you to wear your memories and keep them close.


Why waste your treasured memories and have themes languishing in a digital resting palace for the rest of your life? These fun and unique options can help you to get your pictures off your phone and bring them to life in all their glory. From the sensible and touching options to the downright crazy and out-there choices, this post is a great starting point for helping to get more enjoyment from all of your photos in a way that means more than a double tap on IG from a random stranger!