3 Hot Business Trends That’ll Maximize Your Company’s Growth

3 Hot Business Trends That’ll Maximize Your Company’s Growth

3 Hot Business Trends That'll Maximize Your Company's Growth

With the advent of digital technology, there are more ways than ever to grow your business further than was possible just a decade ago. With tons of conflicting information coming at you from all directions, it can be difficult to tell which trends are temporary fads and which ones are here to stay. Check out these three business trends that are going to help your company grow for years to come. 

  1. Social Media

Social media can be a very powerful tool for small businesses because it is perhaps the simplest and fastest way to reach a ton of people in a short amount of time. Sign up for as many platforms as you can and maintain an active presence on each of them to reach as many people as possible.

Social media is one of the latest business trends that has an interactive quality just not present in traditional ads. You can post sales, answer customer questions, give advance notice of holiday hours, emergency closings, and other pertinent information that your customers will receive in real-time. Host a contest or giveaway and encourage all to participate–current and potential customers alike–or donate an item to a fundraiser and encourage the community to attend and support a good cause. 

To reach even further on social media, you can purchase additional ads showcasing your business. These will not only show up on your followers' feeds but also on the feeds of others in the area. While ads are not a free option, they are a great way to extend your reach to others who may not have otherwise found your business page. 

  1. Task Automation

Painstaking tasks that had to be done manually by one dedicated employee (or even a team) are officially a thing of the past. There is software out there that can do all this work for you now; tasks such as scheduling, calling in payroll, inventory, ordering products or supplies, and sending out email newsletters can now all be done automatically or with very little employee effort.

By implementing automated tasks, you can now use your employees to focus on other important duties that require a personal touch, such as customer service. Let your automation software handle basic tasks, and allow your employees to use their unique talents to benefit your clients. 

  1. Progressive Rules and Policies

In recent years, it's become very evident that the employer-employee relationship is in need of a massive overhaul. Employers aren't getting the most out of their staff, and that's mostly because the staff is subject to policies that don't meet their needs. As a result, no one is happy, and both employers and employees are suffering the ill effects. 

It is critical that you, as the employer, recognize that your employees are people with complex lives, and they may need accommodations. Getting to know your employees–their strengths and weaknesses, goals and dreams, and family life–gives you the edge for several reasons. First, you can assign roles that play to your employee's strengths and interests, which will make them happier in their jobs, making it much more likely they will give you their best performance. Also, the more you understand about their lives, the better equipped you are to give them reasonable accommodations. Don't let them take advantage of your kindness, of course, but if they occasionally have to leave early to pick up their child or they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (such as a trip abroad), allow them the freedom they need to live their lives. An employee who feels valued and appreciated as an individual will almost always go the extra mile when you need them most. Happy employees are perhaps the most oft-overlooked cornerstone of business; happy employees directly translate to happy (and repeat) customers. 

Many new trends have emerged in the past few years that'll give your business the leg up it needs to edge out the competition. By understanding your community and your employees, working smarter, not harder, and establishing an online presence, you'll be taking your company into the future and increasing your profits all at the same time.