Your Ultimate Guide To Valentine’s Day Gift Giving

Your Ultimate Guide To Valentine’s Day Gift Giving

Your Ultimate Guide To Valentine's Day Gift Giving

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There are two types of people when it comes to the practice of gift-giving. You either love giving thoughtful gifts and put a lot of effort into finding the perfect one or you get nauseated at the idea of having to spend time searching for a good gift so you opt for a gift card instead

While money or gift cards may be okay gifts, they hardly show someone how much you care or love them. 

This may not matter for a kid’s birthday gift or a wedding present for a couple you hardly know, but it does matter when it comes to showing your significant other how much you love them on Valentine’s day.

This is exactly why we have put together the ultimate guide to Valentine’s day gift-giving for you!

Ask For Recommendations

If you have no starting point on what to buy, approach your significant other’s friends or family members to see what they recommend buying. 

You will find out about new topics or things that your partner is interested in or even get recommendations on things that they wanted to do when they were little. Thoughtful gifts like these can show that you went the extra mile for your loved one.

Asking for recommendations is great when you have no idea what to buy for someone but it can be useful even when you do know exactly what to buy. 

Just as a safety measure, you should run your gift idea past your partners’ best friend or mom to see if they will like this gift. You never know what insight might help you avoid a gift-giving faux pas when it comes to your partner specifically.

Check The Reviews

Reviews are very helpful when you are unsure about the quality of a product or the behavior of a seller if you are buying it online. We always recommend checking the reviews before buying as many people will go to great lengths to emphasize how great or awful a product is. 

Valentine’s day gifts are notorious for having exaggerated reviews that read something along the lines of how this product is what makes dumpers suddenly want their ex back but they get the job done regardless. 

Some buyers even post review videos to show you every detail about the product and are ready to answer any questions you may have. Make sure to give these testimonials a quick view before paying for anything.

Intangible Gifts

Amateur gift givers might not realize that a good gift does not mean it has to be expensive objects. Depending on your relation and your budget, you can choose to invest in experiences instead. 

For example, if your partner has always wanted to go to a music concert or take a weekend trip to a dream destination, you should find a way to make these things happen. This might require some extra planning but the result will be worth it and you will have memories to remember for years.

Other examples of gifting experiences include road trips, spa days, wine tasting, museum tours, salon trips, or even a photo session in a scenic location. 

These experiences are bound to show your loved one the amount of effort you put into making their Valentine’s day amazing. 


If your plan does not align, try to add a smaller more meaningful element to your overall gift. 

Maybe you can include a handwritten card or print pictures that mean a lot to both of you as your partner will cherish these moments the most.

All in all, gift giving is never about how much money a product costs or how big the object is but rather about the reason behind the purchase.