Why You Should Wear Sneakers More Often

Why You Should Wear Sneakers More Often

Why You Should Wear Sneakers More Often

The joy of wearing sneakers is evident in the number of sneakers the large shoe companies sell yearly. Nike sells more than 780 million pairs of sneakers annually, while Adidas sells just under 400 million pairs. Buying new kicks provides a sense of excitement and freedom that both your feet and mind will love.

Some work settings won't allow you to wear sneakers, but there are several health benefits that you're missing out on if you opt to wear other shoes throughout the day. Your new sneakers are more comfortable and designed to help you achieve optimal health.

The good news is that you've found the perfect guide to learn why you need to start wearing your Nike Air Max more and your dress shoes less. Keep reading to take your shoe game to new heights today!

Sneakers Are Lightweight

A significant reason to put your leather dress shoes back in your closet is that your sneakers are lightweight. When wearing them throughout the day, they take a ton of stress and pressure off your feet and legs. Most sneakers weigh less than 10 ounces, making them lighter and more comfortable for long days on your feet.

Your body will feel much lighter when you're walking or running in your new kicks, making them an excellent choice if you stay active with running or sports. You'll run faster, jump higher, and cut quicker when you wear sneakers rather than boots and dress shoes.

These shoes are also designed to provide far more support than other shoes. They cushion your feet and joints when you're running or walking, allowing your body to continue moving forward with no pain.

Less Impact

Most sneakers are built with an air pocket or foam sole to take the stress off your body when you're striding out on a jog or exercising at the gym. Each step sends a shockwave through your joints if you're not wearing the best new kicks. Shop for the best running shoes at kickscrew.com to find the right pair of sneakers for your wardrobe and exercise needs.

You can avoid painful experiences like shin splints, knee pain, and stress fractures in your feet and legs. You'll enjoy the comfort of a lightweight shoe while getting the support you deserve.

Improved Alignment

Another reason to wear sneakers frequently is that they're geared toward helping you keep your body aligned when standing, walking, and running. Poor alignment is a significant cause of running injuries and other lower body issues. New shoes will help you keep your joints healthy since each step will align appropriately.

You can prevent severe injuries that could keep you from participating in your favorite activities if you choose not to wear sneakers daily.

Better Traction

Sneakers also bring much to the table when walking or running in adverse conditions. Dress shoes and boots will only sometimes provide the traction you need when walking on wet surfaces or in the grass. The soles of sneakers are designed to provide greater grip on all types of terrain so you can get the most value from your investment.

You can step and stride with confidence when you're wearing sneakers rather than other types of shoes. Your sneakers will help you trust yourself when navigating tricky terrain on a hike or jogging on wet pavement in the park.

Hazard Protection

Most people don't associate wearing sneakers with hazard protection, but they're an excellent footwear option if you're looking for protection and stability when out and about. They won't provide the same level of protection that you'd get from steel-toed boots, but they'll provide ample support for your ankles and feet.

Sneakers also have thick enough soles to protect your feet from sharp objects like broken glass and pieces of metal. You can tread on without fear that you'll need a tetanus shot soon or that you'll discover lacerations on the bottoms of your feet.

Water Resistance

Another perk of wearing sneakers is the water resistance you'll enjoy when wearing your new kicks out of the house. Most sneakers are made from water-resistant materials or leather, providing more protection for your feet from snow and rain.

You don't need to go through the rest of your day in discomfort since your new shoes will keep the moisture out and your feet dry and cozy. Your sneakers will allow you to cut the step of checking the weather forecast out of your morning routine. You can put your favorite Air Max sneakers on and head out the door.


One of the major things that hold dress shoes back from wearing sneakers is the lack of breathability. Wearing dress shoes for a day will leave your feet feeling stuffy and hot, and it's best to avoid describing the smell of your feet as you slide your shoes off.

Sneakers provide far more breathability, helping your feet maintain a comfortable temperature and ensuring that you don't stink up every room you enter. The new shoes you've purchased are designed to allow for ample airflow on long runs and walks, making them perfect for all-day wear.


New sneakers are also notable for their durability, making them a great investment since you won't need to purchase a new pair every month or two. You can count on the build materials to last since they're made to hold up on long runs and tough hikes through rocky terrain. You can keep wearing your favorite sneakers for years to come.

Take the Plunge and Wear Sneakers Everyday

Choosing to wear sneakers every day is an excellent idea if you value your health, as new sneakers provide greater comfort and support than other types of shoes. You'll have great traction in all conditions and can count on your new kicks to last for years. Their lightweight, and they absorb stress as you stride out toward your destination with confidence.

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