Why Is It Important To Use The Right Blade In The Tools?

Why Is It Important To Use The Right Blade In The Tools?

Why Is It Important To Use The Right Blade In The Tools?

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Two vital things are needed when completing any task: the right skill and appropriate tools. Without these two things, you can't complete any job. This implies all kinds of tasks, including carpeting, plumbing, construction, etc. 

Work like plumbing and carpeting requires many tools, but the most important is the oscillating multi-tools. Using this tool, you can perform any task easily and efficiently. But to ensure oscillating multi-tool performs masterfully, you must use suitable blades.  Without the right blades completing even an easy task becomes challenging. 

The blade of the oscillating multi-tools comes in different options. Hence it is essential you choose the suitable blades as per the nature of your task and oscillating multi-tools. 

This article lists some tasks for which you need the right blade for oscillating multi-tools. 

1. Cutting Out Openings In the Wall

Installing power outlets, switches, and light fittings or removing damaged patches from the wall requires you to make an opening on the wall surface. 

While these are considered easy tasks, they can't be done without specifically designed oscillating multi-tools for wall cuts. You can be sure of a perfectly square cut on the wall using the right tools with cutting-edge blades.  

First, mark an outline on the wall's surface to cut out openings in the wall. Then use oscillating multi-tools with metal plunge cut blades such as dewalt multi tool blades to drill straight through the surface. But before performing this task, ensure the walls are dry and free of pipes and wires. 

2. Plunge Cuts In Deck 

By using a standard tool, it is almost impossible to plunge cut. In fact, doing so forcefully can be dangerous. So, to make the proper plunge cut, you need a appropriate oscillating cutter tools. These cutter tools with sharp blades make the job easier for you, especially when working on a hard surface or material like a decking board. Whatever your aim is, cutting holes for under-step lighting, tiding up edges for that perfect finish, or making cuts for support railings, this tool can make it possible. 

Furthermore, these easy-to-use and multi-function tools can be used to make plunge cuts in any space, including outside areas and in tight corners. 

3. Trimming Floorboards And Wood

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Working on wood projects and floorboards requires precision and versatile oscillating multi-tools. The work can include chopping out excess material from the wood frame, aligning the furniture frame, altering stud walls, cutting wood logs, etc.   

Such a task can be easily completed using oscillating multi-tools with the correct blade. The perfect blades make it easier for you to make cuts in wood with precision. Even on floorboards, the oscillating tools work smoothly, allowing you to make the required changes.  

4. Trimming Screws and Pipes

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You must have often seen plumbers slicing pipes easily with oscillating multi-tools in your home. It can be only possible with the right blade fitted to your oscillating multi-tools. These well-fitted multi-cutting tools can easily trim through any plastic, copper, or even galvanized pipe. 

With this tool, you can also cut off excess screws that are not visible easily and can prove dangerous in many situations. 

As the oscillating multi-tools are portable and compact, they can be used freely to reach spots with awkward angles and tight space. This means you can slice pipes and screw present behind the wall, inside cabinets, in the ceiling, and under floorboards.

5. Removing Rust From Metals 

Metals usually rust with time if not maintained. The easiest way to avoid rusting is by putting a paint coat over it. Another way is to use oscillating multi-tools with sanding blades. 

Using sanding blades, you can remove rust from any metal. You can remove rust from old garden tools to restore them to their original form or remove the rust off an old garden gate or metal railing. 

6. Sanding Down Furniture

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Another use of sanding blades or pads is sanding down wood furniture. 

Irrespective of the kind of furniture, sanding down is vital once the furniture is assembled into the required shape. This process smooths the surface of the furniture by removing any unwanted bulks. But before you proceed to perform sanding, always ensure you use suitable sanding blades or pads. It is because making furniture requires precision, especially when giving it a final touch.    

7. Removing Mortar

During construction work or while repairing any space, it is usual to find a thin mortar layer on the floor. This mortar layer needs to be removed once you start giving the final touch to the place. You can do so by using oscillating multi-tools with mortar removal blades.  

Using these tools, you can remove set mortar, cement, and dried adhesive within a few seconds. You only must ensure you are using a quality mortar removal blade.  

8. Getting Rid Of Tile Grout

You might want to get rid of tile grout for many reasons.

  • The present grout might have been covered by mold and is beyond cleanable. 
  • The existing grout color doesn't look pleasing to you anymore. 
  • The grout is chipped in many spots and falling out. Patching the same area with grout again doesn't work well. Hence, it's better to remove everything. 

Although you can do this job manually, oscillating multi-tools fitted with grout removal blades make the job significantly easier. Working with this handy tool, you can remove 15 square feet of grout within one hour. The exact time of removing grout can vary depending upon the labor skills and efficiency of the oscillating multi-tools.  


Working with the right tool is the only way to finish any task successfully. And the tool can be only efficient when its components are of quality and working efficiently, like in the case of oscillating multi-tools. 

Oscillating tools can perform all the tasks mentioned above perfectly only if fitted with the right blade. So, if you perform any tasks requiring oscillating multi-tools, ensure you use suitable blades.