What If My Boyfriend Tells Me What to Wear? The Best Advice

What If My Boyfriend Tells Me What to Wear? The Best Advice

A jealous and slightly possessive boyfriend can be fun; who doesn’t love the idea of being loved by somebody so much that they want to be a part of your everyday life?

However, “slightly” is the magic word here. Girls let nobody  – even their own family – boss them around – let alone a man who isn’t even related to them by blood. Being told to wear this and that certainly isn’t a nice experience at all. 

So what to do if my boyfriend tells me what to wear? If that’s your current concern, this article will have the answer you are looking for.

What Should I Do if My Boyfriend Tells Me What To Wear?

Step 1. Remind Yourself That You Are You

Red flags are clearly at play when a man starts dismissing your right to make your own choices. Unfortunately, many girls do not dare stand up against their boyfriends’ annoying dictation habit for fear of being “abandoned.” 

It’s time to look at the mirror and remind yourself again: relationships do not mean your dignity or personality should be stripped off. Rather, they must strengthen you, and your lover’s supposed to help you seize your life goals – not the other way around! 

Never forget that he and you are two different people, no matter how much you love him. You do realize that if the relationship ends on bad terms, there’s no one else to take care of except yourself, right? 

Hence, entering a romantic relationship ready to sacrifice your mind, soul, body, and heart wholeheartedly to a man means you are doomed. Not only do you make yourselves vulnerable to potential heartbreaks, but you also lose the power to decide your own fate!

Even if things go well and the relationship blossoms into marriage, long-term stability cannot last if one side is more dominant.

Once these messages totally sink into your mind, it’s time to move on to the next steps. Show him who is the one in control! 

Step 2. Let The Man Know You Are No Pushover

Think about it: you have always spotted your own dressing style – which everyone, including your boyfriend, already knows beforehand (even before you two dated). So why is he suddenly being a control freak telling you what to do right after you started going out with him? 

Who is he to stop you from wearing your favorite clothing just because he is an atheist? Who gives him the right to complain about your bob cut or leather jackets due to their “un-girliness”? No respectful, wise man should overestimate their position in a girl’s life. 

So yes; train yourself and start saying no to any clothes suggestion that slips over the boundaries. Turn him down gently but firmly. Once his annoying habit of telling you what to dress is broken, you will easily regain your authority over other life aspects, too. 

Step 3. Tell Him You Do Not Like His Bossy Attitude Towards Your Outfits

Men with common sense should stop bothering you after Step 2. But what if all your implications and strong words cannot get through his head? (not to say he is a bad person; men sometimes are just that clueless).

In that case, arrange a face-to-face confrontation. Let’s hope for all the best and trust him to adjust his behaviors after this honest, unfiltered conversation:

  • Choose a place with a great atmosphere. This tip is important, especially when you two are getting real close to the engagement phase. 
  • Express your feelings as straightforwardly – yet politely and respectfully – as possible. For couples with marriage in mind, it would help to list a few examples of how you will behave once he becomes your husband. 

It will be lovely if you two understand each other’s mindset and reach a mutual ground benefiting all parties. Otherwise, well … there are many other fishes in the sea, at least. 

Why Does He Keep Telling You What to Wear? Possible Reasons

Of course, the best way to go about it is to ask him directly (refer to Step 3 above). Still, before that fateful conversation comes, you can step back a little and try to guess the reasons yourself: 


Your lover cannot stand it when other men have eyes on you, afraid you will leave him one day. Couples with clashing backgrounds/cultures or personalities only worsen these insecurities.


He cares about you – just not in the right way. As cases of public molestation have been increasing, his mind runs wild with possibilities whenever you wear a revealing mini skirt or deep-neck shirt. Couples with clashing backgrounds/cultures or personalities only worsen these insecurities

His Own Unconventional Appearance

Are you dating a man whose appearance does not fit the societal criteria of “beauty? (To put it bluntly, he is not attractive). Aware that his girlfriend looks too beautiful for him, the man might try to keep you away from certain clothes. 


What to do if my boyfriend tells me what to wear? We hope our simple yet efficient tips can stop all your headaches. And even if things do not turn out as well as you expected, there is no need to feel heartbroken; good men out there do exist! 

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