Verona: what’s on for 2023? Some tips and 4 things to do for your luxury escape in Italy

Verona: what’s on for 2023? Some tips and 4 things to do for your luxury escape in Italy

Verona: what’s on for 2023? Some tips and 4 things to do for your luxury escape in Italy

Verona, an enchanting city in northern Italy, offers a one-of-a-kind experience defined by romance, elegance, and culture. To explore this character, we visited this city with a unique guide, a charming Italian lady who is working in the tourist industry. We have asked her how to dodge crowds, what are the most charming places to visit in the hometown of Catullus (“Give me a thousand kisses, then a hundred, then a thousand more”) and the most intriguing things to do there. Let’s meet Laura Giovedì from Butterfly Verona, who runs intimate suites in the old town, the perfect place to experience Verona's atmosphere and surroundings.

Where is Verona in Italy? 

Verona, nestled in the Veneto region of northern Italy, is a dreamy city full of ancient history, bisected by the River Adige and surrounded by nearby lakes such as Lake Garda, Lake Idro, Lake Ledro, and Lake Caldonazzo. Verona is located close to cities such as Mantova, Brescia, Vicenza, Venezia, Padova, Ferrara, and Modena, which add charm and character to this picturesque location. 

If you're planning a trip to Verona in 2023, in this article you’ll find the 4 best things to do in Verona, Italy regarding the opera music festival, the Romeo and Juliet places, the wine tasting experience all year round and a special event occurring every spring here. 

Butterfly Verona: the ultimate luxury experience

At Butterfly Verona, guests can experience discreet luxury, and feel at home even when traveling. Every room is carefully detailed, from the color palette selection to the raw materials and furniture, creating light-filled environments that guarantee maximum comfort. With unique pieces, each room is tailored to create a truly personal holiday experience. 

Beyond luxury accommodations in Verona, the Butterfly offers unmatched service and local expertise. Guests can benefit from the advice and vacation support of owner Laura Giovedì, who provides insider tips to discover the city. Ideally located steps from Verona's historic Arena and a brief taxi ride from Vinitaly's expo, the hotel makes navigating the city and enjoying its culinary and cultural highlights seamless. By day, easily attend the expo, and by night savor exceptional fare at nearby restaurants. With its central yet quiet location and Laura's insights, Butterfly Verona delivers an unforgettable stay amid Verona's stylish romance.

1.Opera Performance at Arena di Verona: 110 years of arias 

It is impossible to mention Verona without thinking of the Arena, which has now become the symbol of the city. Our private guide Laura Giovedì explained to us that this Roman amphitheater is the third largest amphitheater after the Colosseum of Rome and the Amphitheater of Capua, near Naples. It was built in the first decades of the 1st century, under the emperor Augustus. When the Roman Empire fell, the Arena was used for the most diverse uses: as a quarry for building houses, and a meeting place for merchants, it housed workshops and was the stage for bonfires and shows. In the fifteenth century, the Arena acquired a certain historical and artistic interest. In Napoleonic times the Arena was restored, and in 1822 it was finally used as a great open-air theater. In 1913 the Aida by Giuseppe Verdi was first performed. Since that moment, this amphitheater has become the largest opera house in the world, and every summer the most famous Operas come to life on its stage.

What’s on at the Verona opera festival for 2023

The 2023 Festival is promised to be extraordinary. Therefore, Butterfly Verona's first recommendation is to purchase a ticket and enjoy the event. To celebrate the hundredth Opera Season in the Arena, the Arena di Verona Foundation presented the titles that have had the most success and replicas in the historic amphitheater from its birth in 1913. To evoke the first play of 1913, the Aida will open the festival. From June 16 to September 9 the magic will fill 50 nights and will make them unforgettable. Experience renowned operas like Aida, Tosca, Rigoletto, Nabucco, and Madama Butterfly, including Roberto Bolle performances, in the best setting possible: an ancient Roman arena.

Aida opera in Verona 2023

You'll have the chance to see a production of Aida, the Arena's most important opera. It will be interpreted by renowned artists such as Anna Netrebko (Aida), Yusif Eyvazov (Radamès), Olesya Petrova (Amneris), and Francesca Maionchi (Priestess), and conducted by Marco Armiliato. The acclaimed Stefano Poda will direct the production. 

Aida will be played 13 times, from June 16th to September 8th. Now imagine: the sun has already set, and you’re sitting on the ancient marble as dusk falls. In front of you, the stage is illuminated by fires and scenic elements that transport you far away, to Egypt. Suddenly the sweet strains of live classical music drift through the amphitheater. The first characters appear on the stage when the tenor voice of Ramfis (Michele Pertusi) starts singing: 

“Sì: corre voce che l’Etiope ardisca

Sfidarci ancora, e del Nilo la valle

E Tebe minacciar. Fra breve un messo

Recherà il ver.”

The magic's begun. 

2.Visit the Romeo & Juliet places and discover Verona's Old Town

Second tip from the Butterfly Verona’s owner: visit Verona's old town in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet. You’ll see the balcony of Casa di Giulietta, the supposed site of the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Take a romantic photo with your loved one and leave a note on the wall for good luck. Laura Giovedi suggested the following historical places worth visiting.

Verona's San Fermo Maggiore Church

The Church of San Fermo Maggiore in Verona is a unique building that combines Romanesque and Gothic styles. The lower church is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, built between 1065 and 1143, while the upper church is Gothic. The façade and lunette above the portal blend both styles harmoniously. Inside, the wooden ceiling and various altars and works of art bear witness to the historical and cultural significance of this place. The Church of San Fermo Maggiore is an extraordinary example of blended styles and an iconic religious construction in Verona.

Juliet's Tomb

Experience a timeless love story like never before at a unique luxury escape to Verona. Located within the former Capuchin Friars Convent, now the Museum of Frescoes lies Juliet's tomb, said to be the resting place of the heroine of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Since 2000, the summer festival Opera in Love has immersed visitors in the world of Romeo and Juliet every Monday through a unique combination of opera and theater performances. Soak up the atmosphere of this magical city and be sure to visit Juliet's tomb for a truly unforgettable experience.

Basilica of San Zeno

The Basilica of San Zeno is where Romeo and Juliet's marriage supposedly took place. San Zeno Church is a stunningly beautiful and historically significant monument in Verona. This Romanesque architecture dates to the 12th century and features a facade of tufa stone. The complex includes a bell tower, cloister, Chapel of St. Benedict, and Abbaziale Tower. Inside, visitors will find a large crypt, a nave divided by two large transverse arches, and three semi-circular apses adorned with vibrant frescoes and sculptures. The highlight is the Bronze Portal consisting of 73 bronze panels depicting biblical scenes. As one of the most interesting examples of its kind in Italy, the Portal is considered a true masterpiece. Visitors can also admire the Altar of Francis Torbido and the renowned San Zeno Altarpiece by Andrea Mantegna.

Juliet's Balcony

The site remains one of Verona's most visited places: no visit is complete without seeing Juliet's famous balcony. Located along the historical Via Cappello, the House of Juliet is a medieval house tower with a grand androne (entrance hall). On the right side is Juliet's balcony, capable of arousing emotions and igniting dreams. In the courtyard is a bronze statue of Juliet, a popular photo spot for tourists and lovers alike. Whether Romeo and Juliet truly existed, this site will always have a special place in visitors' hearts.

Castel San Pietro: Panoramic View of Verona

For an escape from city life, Castel San Pietro Verona is perfect. Located atop an inhabited hill since ancient times, this castle was built in 1393 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti and served as barracks in 1703. Partially destroyed by Napoleonic soldiers in the early 1800s, it was later reconstructed by Austrians between 1852 and 1858. Enjoy the stunning view from the castle: lucky visitors can admire Ponte Pietra at sunset and Verona's panorama. It's ideal for a leisurely stroll and romantic pics, just steps from the city center.


3.Private Wine Tasting at Local Vineyards

What to do in Verona? Laura has the answer: indulge in an exclusive private tasting at one of Verona's prestigious wineries, such as the venerable Allegrini estate or the acclaimed Tommasi Viticoltori. Sample their finest vintages under the guidance of a renowned winemaker, gaining intimate insight into the art and craft of producing world-class wines amidst the beauty of Verona's surrounding vineyards. 

Just minutes from Verona, you can visit the renowned wine-producing regions surrounding the city: Valpolicella, Soave, and Lake Garda. Laura Giovedì will be glad to organize activities and esperiences in Verona and its surroundings, such as private wine tastings or winery tours.

Your tour could begin with a stroll through the vineyards, where you'll discover the native grape varieties typical of Verona, each with unique characteristics: Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta, Garganega, Molinara, Turbiana, and Durella.

Next, you could visit the cellar and see firsthand how the wine is produced and aged in steel vats or wooden barrels of various shapes and sizes, immersed in a charming space redolent of must, oak, and aging wine. The most important part of your visit is tasting the vineyard's finest wines. Cellar staff and a wine guide will describe the wines' characteristics as you sample them, teaching you how best to appreciate each one and pair it with a meal.


4.A Wine Lover's Dream: Verona's Vinitaly Experience 2023 

If you love wine and want to discover wineries and experience multiple sensory thrills, Verona offers unmatched opportunities. Each spring, discerning oenophiles make a pilgrimage to Verona for Vinitaly, one of the wine world's most prestigious gatherings. Laura's fourth tip for your unusual holiday in Verona 2023 is to attend Vinitaly from March 31st to April 3rd and discover wines from over 4,600 of the world's finest winemakers and wineries.

Against the backdrop of 125,000 square meters of exhibition space, guests can embark on a gourmand adventure, sampling intimate offerings, and rare vintages, and indulging in culinary delights. 

The Fair's Stands and Secret Events in Verona's Old Town

For four days, Verona fully embraces the Bacchanalian spirit of Vinitaly. As the wine world descends on the expo, a lot of tasting opportunities and events transform the city's iconic landmarks and historic quarters into a veritable playground for oenophiles.

Within the old town, the Gothic Palazzo della Gran Guardia and Bra Square offer coveted backdrops for sampling from leading houses. In the shadow of the Arena, Piazza delle Erbe hosts intimate luncheons where one might sip award-winning vintages alongside pioneering winemakers. As twilight falls, exclusive parties hosted by preeminent wineries and cooperative consortiums will be only a few steps away from Butterfly Verona.

Follow Laura’s refined guidance and make Verona's charms your own. With insider access and local know-how, experience this captivating city as one might a cherished secret.