Thinking About Laser Tattoo Removal? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking About Laser Tattoo Removal? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking About Laser Tattoo Removal? Here's What You Need to Know

Maybe it's the tattoo you got when you were younger and going for a different aesthetic. Or perhaps you want to remove an old tattoo for sentimental reasons. Or maybe you've gone off the look that your permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo gives you. 

Whatever the reason for looking into tattoo removal options, you probably have a whole range of questions. 

The good news is that modern technology has made some inspiring advances in the field of laser tattoo removal. It's now possible to expect incredible results with no scarring and a near-painless experience. 

Contrary to the horror stories that abound due to the old methods, these days there are some encouraging options available for anyone looking to remove some or all of their past tattoo choices. 

To help you learn more about what's possible, here are some of the most common questions that most people ask when it comes to laser tattoo removal treatment

Does it hurt? 

After a number of high-profile celebrities shared their painful experiences of tattoo removal in the media, it's not surprising that for many people, this is their first concern. 

The traditional methods that used powerful lasers were notorious for painful procedures, mainly because the surface of the skin around the tattoo was damaged during the removal process. 

Things have changed with modern techniques and it's largely thanks to the latest laser technology which allows for a much less intensive (i.e. painful) procedure.

The level of pain or discomfort experienced by many users of the new technology is a world away from those celebrity headlines. Some people even claim that the experience was painless, whereas others experience a little discomfort but not nearly as much as they'd been expecting. 

There are a number of factors that will play a part in how much or how little pain will be felt during the process. For example, some parts of the body are much more sensitive than others, so if your tattoo is in one of these delicate areas, there may be a degree of discomfort. 

For many individuals, however, the experience can be a largely positive one, with results that make the entire process infinitely worthwhile. 

What about scarring? 

If you've spoken to people who had their tattoos removed using the old technology, they may have warned you about scarring being an issue. 

And in the past, some scarring has been the experience for many who opted for traditional laser tattoo removal treatments. 

The good news is that the latest lasers use advanced technology which means they are quicker and more effective in breaking up the ink pigments, yet they are much gentler on the surrounding skin. And because the skin is subject to less damage during the procedure, there is much less scarring, if any at all. 

Beyond the laser treatment itself, there are also things that you can do in terms of post-treatment skin care and protection, as well as lifestyle tips that will support your body in the healing process. 

A combination of the right laser treatment and good skin care practices means that you can expect some impressive results with little to no visible scarring. 

Is it effective? 

Yes, modern laser tattoo removal can be incredibly effective. Just take a look at some of the results online shared by happy customers. 

Of course, the effectiveness of any procedure depends on a number of different aspects, and it can also take a few more sessions of treatment when it comes to particularly difficult tattoos. 

For most people, though, you can confidently expect to see impressive results, with your old tattoo or permanent makeup as a dim memory. 

To find out what's possible for you and your unique circumstances, book an appointment with a quality consultant who will be able to explain what you can expect. Some even offer trial sessions with the laser equipment, so you can get a taster sample of the experience of a full treatment. 

Laser technology has improved greatly in recent years and this is such great news for people who want to remove their old tattoos, for whatever reason. Now that these laser treatments are much less painful, with even better results, it means that tattoo removal is more accessible than ever.