Save Money and Time on Accommodation with RatePunk

Save Money and Time on Accommodation with RatePunk

Save Money and Time on Accommodation with RatePunk

As summer vacation planning begins, searching for affordable accommodations can be a struggle. Consider trying out Ratepunk, the best travel tool available to simplify the process. Experienced travelers often use hacks like following sales or joining loyalty programs, but with RatePunk, you can achieve similar results. This travel tool compares prices across multiple hotel booking sites and displays the lowest available price for the same hotel and dates. Moreover, it eliminates the need for manually comparing prices across numerous tabs, saving time and effort. Want to know how it works? Keep reading!

First things first, you'll need to install RatePunk on your computer. Once you've sorted that, head to your favorite hotel booking site and enter your vacation dates and destination as usual. When you hit the search button, a list of hotels will appear with a little RatePunk icon next to each one. Simply click on the icon, and you'll be taken to the hotel's page, where RatePunk will do all the hard work. It will search all the other hotel booking sites and show you the prices for the same hotel. If you find a great deal, click the link, and you'll be redirected to book your room. For example, you want to stay at the 5-star Hotel Algarve Casino. If you have RatePunk, it shows Hotels.com offers the same deal for £313 cheaper than Booking. So this is one of the reasons why you should try RatePunk and make booking your next vacation a breeze!

The coin icon next to hotel prices on the RatePunk popup means that if you book that hotel, you can earn RatePunk coins, which can be redeemed for cashback. To take advantage of this feature, log in to your RatePunk account and claim your coins after booking. The number of coins you receive will depend on the total value of your booking, and you can see the final amount on the success page. For example, once a user collects 100 coins, they can redeem them for $10 cashback. Finding the lowest price for your dream accommodation and getting a cashback sounds nice, but there is more.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of booking a hotel to discover that the price dropped significantly (£100) just a few days later? Luckily, if you have a RatePunk account, you can activate the rebooking feature to avoid this situation. With this feature, RatePunk will send notifications on all cancellation-free bookings when the price drops below your initial booking. Again, it means you don't have to check the prices constantly. And once again, it ensures you always have the lowest available price for your hotel.

RatePunk has recently introduced RateScore, which is a solution to the frustrating problem of different ratings for the same hotel across multiple booking websites: Booking shows 8.2, Expedia 7.6, and etc.  RateScore compiles ratings from all major hotel booking websites and calculates a final, accurate rating for each hotel. This rating is displayed alongside the list of hotels, allowing you to easily compare and choose the best hotel for you.

But wait, there's more! RatePunk has recently introduced a new feature that focuses on Airbnb - price match- and it works like the original one. When you search for your destination and dates on Airbnb, the RatePunk extension pops up automatically when you click on your preferred rental. It's incredibly helpful because it finds exact property matches for a lower price. So, for example, you could save £159 on the same accommodation (picture below). Additionally, the tool can identify if the same property is listed on hotel booking sites for lower prices, which may not be visible on Airbnb due to hidden fees such as cleaning charges. Furthermore, RatePunk provides a list of alternatives that allow users to explore other options, including hotels. This feature can be handy for travelers who prefer the comfort and reassurance offered by professionally managed hotels, complete with amenities like room service.

Let’s  wrath up all the pros. RatePunk is a free travel tool that comes with no hidden fees or requirements to sign up or log in, unless users want to use the rebooking or cashback features. It provides an unbiased accommodation rating and works perfectly on Airbnb, offering the same or similar options at the same or lower prices. Additionally, users who log in can enjoy the benefits of rebooking and cashback without any extra charge. Are there any cons? Well, there is one. Unfortunately, RatePunk is currently only available for desktops and iPhones, so Android users won't be able to use it on their mobiles. Despite the mentioned drawback, the advantages of RatePunk outweigh the cons. Therefore, you should give it a try, experience its functionality, and form your own opinion about this travel tool.