How To Use The Last Drop Out Of Your THC Cartridge?

How To Use The Last Drop Out Of Your THC Cartridge?

How To Use The Last Drop Out Of Your THC Cartridge?

Now, cannabinoid products are getting wildly popular among teenagers and adults to seek relief from various troublesome and unbearable chronic illnesses or mental strains. As a result, manufacturers and sellers are also profiting by making cannabinoid-infused products such as gummies, vapes, creams, tinctures, oils, and more. When you buy thc vapes in canada, These products benefit users by giving them short-term, long-term, and highly effective relief depending upon the dosage and product used. 

However, one problem has been reported by many users as they fail to use the THC cartridge completely without any wastage. It often gets challenging to get the last drop from the cartridge. So, in this blog, we will help you better understand the mentioned situation as to how and why this happens and the practical ways to utilize the product completely.

What Is THC Cartridge?

Initially, back in the day, people put a lot of effort into searching for quality cannabis, plucking it, cleaning it, and making it user ready in the best possible way. Those processes were usually very laborious and time taking, moreover, finding the best quality herbs was also not an easy task. So, eventually, people came up with a great idea to infuse tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)into e-cigars, also known as electronic cigarettes. It instantly became a big hit. The consumers used to fill their vapes at regular intervals with the bottled liquid cannabinol. 

To ease the processes even more, manufacturers created the idea of cartridges. It leaves us with the present-day, handy, prefilled THC cartridge that can be used anywhere as it is a discreet and pocket-friendly tool that is also easy to discard. This cartridge is usually filled with one or half a gram of cannabinol oil that comes in various forms, such as 510 threaded cartridges, Airo pro-oil cartridges, and Pax-era pods.


How Does The Vape Pen Cartridge Work?

To understand the working of the vape pen, we need to study the procedures involved. Here is a breakdown of the same.

The Batteries

The vape pens come as a one-time disposable unit that does not require any additional battery other than the installed one. At the same time, few rechargeable batteries that power the THC vape pen are usually made out of lithium-ion. These are simple to use as you need to attach the THC cartridge to the battery. The heating component in pen is powered by the power source of the battery, which warms the THC oil to produce vapor.

The Cartridge

Every cartridge that goes into the e-cigarette pen contains the active component, THC oil. Normally, the cartridge has a wick or coil that soaks up the oil and makes it heatable. The distilled form and CO2-extracted cannabis vape oils are the two varieties. The CO2-extracted oil has relatably controlled viscosity. However, highly pure and potent distillate oil containing THC is thicker and more challenging. When used in prefilled cartridges, it lacks terpenes and needs a thinning agent, therefore, it is known as a powerful substance to consume.

The Heating Element

The heating element is usually made from three materials such as metal, quartz, and ceramic. In a THC vape pen, the heating element generally comprises a wick wrapped around one of the abovementioned materials. The coil grows warmer slowly as each battery is turned on, this results in vaporizing of the oil that the wick has soaked.

The Mouthpiece

The vape pen's mouthpiece, which is on top of the vape, is where the vape air is to be breathed by the consumer. Periodically, it can be taken apart from the vape for disinfection or replacement if ever found broken. These mouthpieces are often composed of metallic or plastic components.

Reaching The Last Drop Of Oil

As we have now acquired the knowledge of the working model of a normal vape pen, we will move further toward getting the maximum usage of the THC cartridges. As a consumer, when you have paid a handsome amount to purchase a cannabis product, you would like to get the maximum benefit out of it. It takes us to our next segment of the blog. Now, read the following points carefully to get to the last drop of the oil cartridge.

Proper Usage

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to know how to use the vape pen correctly, this will also help you to increase the life span of the THC cartridge. Avoid taking deep and firm drags from the vape, this might lead to clogging of airflow, and it might then start producing uneven vapors. Instead, one should take slow drags in a slow and regular timing. It will ensure enough time for the vapors to form, saving those cannabinol oils.


Storing the cartridge properly is a must in a cool and dry area. Remember to keep the cartridge straight and upright, this will move most of the THC oil to the bottom of the cartridge for it to be soaked by the wick. In addition, it makes the ignition and vaporization process easy and quick.

Dab Rig

As we can already understand that the dab rig is the outdated yet classic version of the vapes, so we all have the freedom to be little creative. The leftover oil from the cartridge can be mixed with some oils like MCT oil or vegetable glycerine to balance the texture and be used in the dab rig. It also makes the small amount very potent as compared to the vapes. Therefore, this method can be a good alternative for utilizing the last drops of the cartridge.


Another way to better use the oil cartridge is to dismantle it from an old or dysfunctional vape setup and put it in a new setting where you can adequately utilize the last few oil drops. 

Faulty Cartridge

Be aware of the faulty cartridges available in the market. In addition, there are many cheap options with synthetic flavors and impure ingredients, which will stop the user from getting their hands to the last drop of the vape. Hence, one should make proper investments in selecting the best quality vapes.


One more way to completely utilize a single oil cartridge is to transfer the remaining oil to a new cartridge. Open both ends and set them neatly by placing them one above the other horizontally. This process creates the least amount of mess. Once the transfer is done, you will be able to see the formation of some air bubbles inside the cartridge. Hold them upright and start blowing hot air until the air bubbles disappear, then, you are ready to use the new cartridge without wasting the old one.

Safety Tips

You can follow the tricks above to reach the last drops, and it is not as difficult as it may seem. But, of course, one must have a heating pad or a blow dryer to ease the process. Nevertheless, there are some safety guidelines that one should never forget while doing any of the above processes.

  • First of all, remember that any direct flame can quickly destroy the cartridge's content when allowed under a direct flame. Remember that it is not only heating the oil but the cartridge too. It might turn out to be harmful.
  • The user should never get desperate enough to break the cartridge, and the oil then collected might have pieces of glass in it.


In conclusion, by following the abovementioned tips and tricks. One can easily enjoy extra kicks from the last few drops of the THC cartridge. Also, while doing so, remember to note the safety points.