How To Start An Online Beautician Training Business

How To Start An Online Beautician Training Business

How To Start An Online Beautician Training Business

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Makeup, hairstyling, grooming…  You have all the skills and enjoy spending your time putting them to use. 

However, just using them on yourself has not gotten you the gratification you craved. What if you get paid for it instead? Paid for having those skills, showing them off, and helping others learn those skills in the process. 

Well, it's not that difficult, you just need to get the necessary certification, and decide on an outlet to display those talents. 

Say you do have the certification but you do not want to deal with the hassle of setting up a center for teaching these skills. Well, the only other option is to go online of course. 

The comparatively lower investment needed to start an actual training center versus teaching online is already a big advantage, and we shall tell you about the other ones in detail, as well as how to go about starting the training business.

It is Cheaper to Teach Online

If you were to start a physical training center you would need to find a place to set up all the needed equipment, get the proper permissions to offer training, invest a large sum of money into recruiting the proper services to build up your own teaching place, and acquire the proper tools and equipment (mannequins, wigs, etc.).

In contrast, teaching online would cut down the major cost of getting a separate place ready for your training business. You would only need to get the proper tools and equipment, certificates, and teaching permissions. 

Flexible Time Schedule

Teaching online means you get to choose when you want to upload your video tutorials and how long you want them to be. 

You will be able to inform your learners much in advance if anything comes up and you will also have the personal freedom of working on said tutorials whenever you have time in your day, rather than adhering to a strict schedule.

Larger Audience

Online platforms give you a wider selection of audiences, as you are not limited by the location of your training center. 

Your learners will be able to access your videos from anywhere in the world. 

You will also be able to choose who you want to teach and have the opportunity to be pickier with who you curate your videos.

How to Start?

  1. Get The Required Certification

Yes you may have the skills and the people in your vicinity may praise you for them, but if you intend on charging money to teach others then you need to prove the validity of those skills.

Getting the proper certificates will put your own skills to the test, and it will also fill in any gaps your skills may have. You will know the proper terminology for certain techniques, and you will have a more complete knowledge base about what you are doing. 

  1. Choose A Platform

There are many platforms where you can teach online. 

Some are pre-made sites where teachers gather to impart their knowledge, other methods involve the creation of your own website. 

For either method, there are various services like a well-crafted learning management system for educators that make the preparation of your platform smoother. 

  1. Prepare The Needed Tools And Equipment

You cannot be a beautician trainer without the necessary tools. These include mannequins, heat tools for hair, various wigs, and any other tools which are directly related to the content you will be teaching in your training business.  

As well as that, you also need to ensure that your recording equipment is up to standard (High Definition video recording, a good quality microphone, lighting lamps, etc.)

  1. Pricing Matters

The thing with beauty is, less is not more unlike in other industries. 

It’s true that the higher you price yourself the more valuable you seem, but there is a very fine line between being seen as valuable and exclusive, versus being seen as overpriced. 

Do some market research and decipher what pricing fits your goal, covers your costs, and attracts the most clients.

  1. Get Acquainted With The Experts

Like any other industry, the beauty industry is highly competitive and thrives off of association with the people at the top of the pyramid. 

Do as much networking as you need to and get your training business associated with highly reputable people and brands so that you will have powerful testimonials. 

Being associated with influential people also provides a marketing advantage, thus bringing in more traffic to your training business.

  1. Maintain Constant Communication With Your Learners

You should make yourself available to your learners as much as possible so that their experience is as satisfactory as possible. The long term effect will be positive recognition which will result in more clients flowing in.


Starting a business may seem tricky and intimidating at first but keeping your goal in mind and following the relevant steps allows a smooth beginning of your business. 

Just remember that your certification is important, and so are the right technology and equipment, as well as association with relevant people. You must also ensure that the content you are delivering is accurate. 

Everything else will handle itself with constant vigilance!