How to Dress Goth: The Basics Explained

How to Dress Goth: The Basics Explained

How to Dress Goth: The Basics Explained

Are you looking to embrace the goth subculture? Goth fashion has a very distinct look that's usually associated with dark and joyless themes.

Many assume it's only for despairing and distressed people, but in fact, it can be a way to embrace your unique personality and add a touch of flair to it. The style takes a lot of confidence, but once you take the first step you'll be flying!

If you don't know how to dress goth, keep reading for all the basics you need to know.

History of Goth Style

The goth subculture emerged in the 1980s as a response to punk. Goth bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure incorporated dark and atmospheric elements into their music, as well as themes from Gothic literature and horror movies into their lyrics and imagery.

In the 1990s, goth experienced a resurgence with new bands like Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. Today, the goth style remains popular, with a diverse range of influences from punk, industrial, and other subcultures.

Characteristics of Gothic Clothing

Dressing goth is an interesting and alternative form of fashion that allows for creativity and expression. It is usually associated with dark and mysterious vibes but can still be dressed up in many ways.

For a basic goth look, start with a dark undershirt, like black, and layer it with a corset, some fishnets, and a black tutu. To add some bells and whistles to the look, throw on faux fur, some velvet, and some chunky jewelry. Top it all off with some classic combat boots or pointy-toed shoes. 

Accessories to Pull the Look Together

When it comes to dressing goth, accessorizing is key. To break up the black, adding pops of color to your outfits, including bright deep purples, blues, or deep reds can add a bit of intrigue to your look.

Once the basics are sorted out, accessories are what really complete the goth look. Necklaces, chokers, and oversized rings draw the eye and add texture and shine. To make a statement, buy a wallet chain here.

Styling Tips for Making a Goth Look Your Own

To make a goth look your own, start by experimenting with different textures, fabrics, and patterns. Mix and match items to create unique combinations. Don't be afraid to incorporate colors like deep red, burgundy, and dark purple into your look.

Accessorize with statement pieces like chokers, oversized rings, and studded bracelets. Experiment with different makeup looks, like bold lips or graphic eyeliner, to complement your outfit. Embrace your individuality and incorporate your personal style into your goth look, whether it's with band t-shirts, platform boots, or a statement jacket.

Learn How to Dress Goth Today

Goth fashion is one of the most versatile styles, allowing you to express yourself in bold and daring ways. It's easy to incorporate older and newer goth trends seamlessly with the backdrop of classic clothing and accessories.

With the basics outlined in this guide on how to dress goth, you have the tools to create your own goth style. Have fun and feel confident - after all, it is all about expressing yourself.

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