How To Ace Different Types of Hair Curls Using A Hair Curling Iron

How To Ace Different Types of Hair Curls Using A Hair Curling Iron

How To Ace Different Types of Hair Curls Using A Hair Curling Iron

Have you ever struggled with achieving the perfect curl for your hair? Whether you're looking for bouncy beach waves, tight ringlets, or voluminous curls, the hair curling iron can be your secret weapon. With a little know-how and some practice, you can master different types of hair curls and take your hair game to the next level. In this article, we'll show you the techniques and tricks to ace different types of hair curls using the perfect hair curler for long hair, so you can rock any hairstyle with confidence. So, grab your curling iron and get ready to transform your locks!

First, make sure to Invest in a good-quality curling iron 

It can be challenging to learn how to use a curling iron when you're a newbie. But, if you're still using a curling iron from ten years ago, it's possible that your technique is not the problem and that you should instead upgrade. Older curling irons have the propensity to disperse heat unevenly, leading to heat damage and lifeless curls. With advanced ion technology, latest curling iron offers protection and shine to your hair.

Things to do before beginning to curl your hair

There are a few things you can do to improve your curl with less damage and greater hold before using any heat-styling equipment. Apply heat protectant from root to end, paying careful attention to the ends, regardless of the heat setting. Use a cream heat protectant if you've just washed your hair (and it's still wet), and oil or spray if your hair is dry and ready for styling. 

When you use a heat protectant, you will notice a difference in the health of your hair. Aside from how you curl your hair, one great base rule is to curl on dirty or lightly unwashed hair. If hair is freshly washed it won't hold a curl as well–given you're styling straight onto dry hair.


How to create different types of curls?

1- Uniform Waves

When trying to get wavy hair, a loose braid used to be the go-to technique, but if you want a Kardashian dinner party waves over beach waves, use a curling iron instead. You can create uniform waves with your curling iron.

Just push and hold the curling iron on your hair while carefully working your way down to the ends, where waves are wanted (we hope all over!).

2- Soft Curls

While they require a bit more time to create, these romantic, delicate curls are ideal for special occasions where you want to feel a little glitzy. If you're not used to using a barrel curler, it may take some practice to learn how to curl your hair in this manner. This is due to the requirement that all curls have the same thickness and orientation. But don't worry! Hacks are a thing.

Divide your hair into a left and a right half to obtain these results. So that the curls from the left and right portions of your hair are facing one another when you look at the back of your hair, you should direct the curls away from your face. Moreover, start your curls from the middle of your hair so that they become more tightly curled at the ends. Once achieved all over, separate curls with a wide-tooth comb. Even if these curls have been combed out, using a brush that is too dense will spoil the effort.

3- Tight Curls

This type of curl gives the impression that having curly hair is a genetic trait. It needs a thin curling barrel (we recommend one that is 16 to 19 mm), and of course, texture spray. The secret to getting these authentic-looking curls is to use extremely tiny bits of hair and change the curl's direction each time to avoid looking too uniform or perfect.

When you are curling your hair, make sure to curl it tightly; imagine Shirley Temple as you do so. After you've completed curling, mist some texture spray into the curls and scrunch them in with your hands. This will give the curls more substance and make them appear more unkempt naturally.

4- Blowout curls

With your 2" tool, divide the back section into two sections and curl each under. Take the time to practice the motions with the iron off before attempting to curl your hair because this is a very large curling iron. It feels very different from a regular curling iron and can be challenging to control the first time you use it. As soon as you take the part out of the iron, clip it up with the setting clips.

Proceed to the following section. Each piece should receive a little spritz before going into the iron. Keep slightly shifting the angle. As a result, the hair doesn't appear overly precisely patterned. Set it up that way if you want mobility and different directions for the hair! The ideal blowout curls are yours once you run a finger comb through your hair.

Additional Tip

Your hair's overall curl pattern will vary depending on the direction you choose to curl it. Avoid curling in one way to prevent developing traditional, Hollywood-style curls. A textured appearance can be achieved by switching your curling iron's orientation between left and right; this also helps to produce movement. Curl the hair around your hairline away from your face for the most attractive results.

Wrap Up

You've finally mastered the art of using a hair curling iron to create various hair curls! Now that you have the knowledge and abilities to create any hairstyle you choose, from beachy waves to voluminous curls, you can. Don't forget to use the proper treatments, shield your hair from heat damage, and don't be afraid to try out various curling methods until you get your preferred look. You'll be able to make stunning, bouncy curls with a little work and persistence that will wow attention everywhere you go. So go ahead and flaunt your new hair abilities and have faith in your ability to manage curly hair!