Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

While on a trip with your dog, have you ever served your dog cat food as an alternate? If you’ve ever done this then don’t do it again!

Some people are confused, why can’t we just feed cat food to dogs or dog food to cats? What type of complication we’ve to face?

What Does Cat Food Contain? | What’s The Difference?

There’s a big difference in cats’ and dogs’ nutrients, cats fall under carnivore’s category, that’s why they require high nutritional food which contains meat proteins.

This might be the reason that your dog loves cat food. However, dog cravings for cat food don’t make sense. You should avoid it.

Whereas, dogs fall under the omnivores category which means they can eat meat and vegetables. That’s’ why dog’s diet should be balanced containing fibers and proteins to meet nutritional requirements. This is why dogs can’t eat cat food and cats can’t eat dog food.

What Will Be The Consequence?

If your dog is eating cat food on regular basis or you’re serving him cat food can lead to some complications. Because cats diet isn’t designed for dogs. Because cat food doesn’t contain balanced proteins and fibers that are required to keep your dog hale and hearty. 

In some cases, when your dog is losing weight or facing hunger issues then cat food ‘maybe’ a best substitute for your dog. But before doing or using anything, do consult your vet.

Cat food has more calories per serving, that’s why it’s the best option for nutritional and balanced than home-prepared diets.


If you’re giving him cat food and he’s still spot-on, nutritional imbalance may lead him to stomach, obesity, or pancreatitis issues.

If your dog is eating cats food for long can have these symptoms: 

  • Abdominal Pain Or Swelling
  • Bent Back
  • Weakness And Fever
  • Appetite Loss
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea,

High nutritional food like cat food can even harm your dog’s liver and kidney. If your dog shows some signs of discomfort after eating cat food, urgently call your vet.

Pro Tip:

To know about this command you can watch some YouTube videos on ‘Leave It Commands for Pets’, this command is considered as essential part of your pets training. 

If you’re pet still eats from each other’s bowl than the last thing you can do is to change you’re serving schedule with automatic timed feeders for each pet or you shift one bowl to another room. This method won’t even distract your pet from others eating and its main focus would be on his meal.

Can Cats Eat Dog Food? Or What If My Pet Accidentally Eats? 

If you are a dog and also a cat person, you would have an idea of what do these animals eat. A dog’s food lacks higher nutrients that are required for cat’s health; however raw meat is good for them. Cats are still not preferred to eat dog’s food as it doesn’t have enough vitamins and proteins.

Feeding your pet the wrong diet can lead to some serious health issues. But there’s no big deal if your dog and cat food are swapped for a ‘shorter time’. This swap won’t hurt your pet’s health but long-term feeding can cost the health of your pet.

How Can We Prevent It From Happening?

Sometimes it’s your fault, to make it fair for the dog, you need to buy a unique pet’s bowl. Try different sizes and colors and train your dog to know that it’s his bowl and no one is going to eat it from here, except him.

If you’re cat and the dog still eats from other bowls then it’s time to teach them a lesson, teach your pet the ‘Leave It’ command. It will require daily practice, but when it’s understood then you won’t have to do that much hassle again. 


We understand that sometimes it’s their owner’s fault and sometimes it’s your pet’s fault. But learning the ‘leave it’ command and choosing some unique schedule can surely help you from food swaps.

Accidental eating is ok, for a shorter time. But you should avoid it because every animal has their own needs for nutrients and vitamins, eating someone else food can cause some serious health issues in cats and dogs. 

Have you ever served your dog cat food? What was the consequence? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll love to know.