Are 3 Days Enough to Visit The Blue Mountains in Australia?

Are 3 Days Enough to Visit The Blue Mountains in Australia?

Are 3 Days Enough to Visit The Blue Mountains in Australia?

If you're visiting Australia, the Blue Mountains are a must-see destination. This mountain range is located west of Sydney, and it's full of natural beauty and history. The area around Katoomba and Leura has plenty to offer visitors: incredible scenery, outdoor activities like hiking or biking, and restaurants with delicious food. Whether you only have three days or want more time to explore this area, here's how much time each activity takes so you can plan your trip accordingly:

Where to Stay

One of the best things about visiting the Blue Mountains is that there are many options for accommodation. You can choose between staying in a hotel or motel, camping or glamping (glamorous camping). If you're looking for something unique and different, then choose your stay at the Blue Mountains tree houses, which are located right next to Katoomba Falls.

These amazing tree houses have been built on stilts overlooking this beautiful waterfall. Each one has its own balcony so that guests can enjoy views of other waterfalls nearby as well as watch birds fly past their windows. There are also lots of other activities available such as swimming holes, walking tracks and rock climbing if this isn't enough for you.

Visit the Grotto Picnic Area

The Grotto Picnic Area is a great place to stop for lunch, or just to rest your feet after hiking down from Katoomba. It's located on the edge of a cliff with views out over Jamison Valley and its waterfalls, including Megalong Falls and Wentworth Falls.

You'll need to walk down a path from The Three Sisters Lookout that leads into the Grotto Picnic Area, but it only takes about 15 minutes (or less if you're fast). Once there, you can enjoy some lunch while taking in the view or take a walk along one of several paths leading through bushland where there are more picnic tables available than at The Three Sisters Lookout itself. There aren't any toilets here though so make sure to bring some tissues.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are a trio of sandstone rock formations located in the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales, Australia. The three peaks are part of a group known as the "Seven Sisters", which also includes Mount Hay (to their west) and Mount Banks (to their east).

The Three Sisters were formed by weathering and erosion over millions of years. They consist largely of granite with some sedimentary rock at their base and topmost parts; they are covered by vegetation such as eucalyptus trees that have grown on top over time, giving them their green appearance when seen from afar.

The Glenbrook Lagoon

The Glenbrook Lagoon is a popular swimming spot, with BBQ facilities and a playground for children. If you're feeling hungry after your swim, there are also toilets, showers and picnic facilities on site. The lagoon is also popular among bird watchers who come to see the many species of birds that call it home.

Hike the Katoomba to Leura walk

If you're looking for a short hike that will give you a taste of the Blue Mountains, consider this walk. It's about 7 km long and suitable for all fitness levels, though it does have some steep sections. There are several places along the way where you can stop to enjoy views of the Jamison Valley and/or Katoomba Falls.

You should allow 2 hours to complete this walk; if you want to make it part of your itinerary while staying in Leura or Katoomba (as many people do), then plan on spending 3 days total in these towns.

Scenic Railway Journey

The Blue Mountains are a great place to explore by train. The Scenic Railway Journey, which takes about an hour, will give you a feel for the region and its history as well as provide some great photo opportunities.

You can get tickets at any of several stations along the route: Katoomba railway station, Mount Victoria railway station and Lithgow Central Railway Station (also known as Lithgow). The train departs from Katoomba at 9 am daily except for Christmas Day and Good Friday; it leaves Lithgow at 10 am Monday through Friday only; Mount Victoria departs at 9:30 am daily except Christmas Day.


You can certainly see the Blue Mountains in three days, but it's not really enough time to get a feel for the place. You'll get a taste of what there is to see and do here, but if you want more than just an introduction then it is recommended to spend at least five days in our beautiful region.