7 Fun Twister Game Variations for Your Next Party

7 Fun Twister Game Variations for Your Next Party

7 Fun Twister Game Variations for Your Next Party

If you've ever played the Twister game, you know that it can be fun for kids and adults alike. And if you've ever played Twister with a group of people, then you know that it can be very fun—for about 20 minutes. Then the game can get repetitive, boring, or even frustrating. That's why we've come up with 10 new twists on this classic game so your next party will have everyone laughing and having fun.

Twister with an adult twist

You can add more adult themes to the game board and spinners. For example, if you're playing with several couples, you might want your spinner to be about sex positions or dirty talk. Or maybe you want each player's hand position on the Twister mat to be something different: "I'm going to guess that this is your favourite position." Or maybe instead of having players follow directions given by an announcer or hostess (as in regular Twister), they must follow directions given by another player at random. The possibilities are endless; just use your imagination and have fun with it.

Spoons Twister

Spoons Twister is a game of balance, concentration and teamwork. You can play with as many people as you want, but the more players there are in your group the harder it will be for everyone to keep their balance.

The only thing you need for this game is an open area where everyone can stand on one foot while holding a spoon between their toes (see photo). The spoons should be placed in front of each person so that they're easily reachable when needed.

If someone falls over or drops out during play then they must sit down until everyone else has finished their turn. This keeps things fair.

Twister with a twist

You can play the game with a partner. Then, use a special die with numbers or dots on it, instead of regular ones (like this one). The number or colour that lands face up determines which body part you have to put down next, the higher the number, the more difficult it will be to balance on that space.

Next, use a special spinner instead of laying out each move ahead of time; instead, give each player three spins and let them choose where their body parts go based on what comes up on those three turns (like this one). If someone lands on something already occupied by another player's limb, they may switch places with them but only if both players agree (and no cheating!). This can add an element of chance to your game and keep things interesting.

Clothespin Twister

Clothespin Twister is a game in which players must place their hands on the clothespins and then spin the spinner. If a player lands on a clothespin, they must remove it from the mat. The first player to get all of their clothespins off wins.

Hula Hoop Twister

The Hula Hoop Twister is an awesome game to get people moving and having fun together. You can play with as many people as you want at the same time, which makes it perfect for parties or family gatherings.

The rules are simple. Each person has to stand in a circle holding hands with other players around them. Then, one person spins their hula hoop around their waist while everyone else keeps their arms up and moves around the circle without stepping on each other's feet.

Bean bag tosses Twister

Bean bag toss Twister is a classic game that's just as fun for adults as it is for kids. To start playing this game, grab a deck of cards and deal out seven cards to each player. Players must use their hands to arrange the cards into a 3x3 grid on the floor in front of them, then flip over their first card at the same time! The person with the highest number wins that round and gets to keep their card; everyone else puts theirs back face down in the middle of their row (so everyone has eight cards).

You will need a deck of playing cards, paper and pencils (if playing with multiple teams), beanbags or small balls like ping pong balls or marbles.

Play Dough Twister

You can play with a friend or a group, and you'll need at least two colours of play dough. You can buy it from the store, but it's also easy to make your own (just google "how to make homemade playdough").

You'll need a large piece of cardboard, or create your own mat with some craft paper. The more elaborate your mat is, the more fun it will be.


Now that you know some great variations on the classic Twister game, it's time to get your friends together. There are so many ways to play this game and have fun with your friends. You can even make up your own variations on any one of these ideas--just remember that what matters most is having fun.