6 Essential Points To Consider For International Shipping Of Packages

6 Essential Points To Consider For International Shipping Of Packages

6 Essential Points To Consider For International Shipping Of Packages

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International shipping is taking a new dimension due to increased e-commerce solutions. Companies are taking advantage of online transactions to expand their horizons. Many businesses are going global because of the immense benefits they receive, including more profit.

If you’re considering joining the international bandwagon to ship your goods abroad, you’re on the right track. If you take your business to the global level, there is so much to gain. Whether you’ve got a small business needing to expand, or you’re already a big player in business but want to go international, you’ve got a great idea.

While considering whether to go international, it is essential to note that sending packages abroad is a daunting task that has to be done with precision. It doesn't matter whether you’re shipping small or large items abroad; there are processes to follow.

Transporting goods abroad comes with its challenges. This article will show some essential factors to consider before shipping your packages internationally.

Key Things To Consider For International Shipping of Package 

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Here are some essential points to consider for the international shipping of packages.

Customs and Taxes

When shipping items overseas, the first thing that you must consider is customs because every product must undergo customs clearance. You must pay for the duties and taxes associated with the package you're sending abroad.

Some shipping companies offer customs clearance procedures to help you go through the stress of customs and excise duties.

You can also engage a customs brokerage who will help you handle import duties, taxes, etc. issues within the overseas country's laws.

Again, keep in mind that customs brokers are a different body from freight forwarders. Customs brokers handle all documentation and paperwork, including taxes, while the freight forwarder is responsible for ensuring that your shipments arrive at their destination in good condition.

Customs fees vary by country and depend on the value of the items you’re shipping. Payment information may be available to shippers, brokers, or freight forwarders. 

Size or Weight of Package

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Another essential point to consider when sending goods abroad is the weight of your package. In pricing your package, weight is one of the most vital things freight forwarders consider, so you must know this before sending your package abroad.

You can use a weighing scale to accurately weigh your package because any inaccurate weight may cost you extra money.

You also need to be careful about the packaging of your product so that it doesn’t add up to the weight of your item.

For example, if you send fragile items like flowers from one country to another, ensure they are packaged so that it does not have additional padding because the padding can increase the weight of your goods and attract extra costs.

In general, fragile items need more padding to protect them from damage. Consider that you’re sending delicate items like chocolates that can be easily crushed; you have to ensure to wrap them so as not to attract extra cost.

  • Use Reliable Carrier Service

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Sending your package abroad is a big-time business and should not be left to any company. Before moving your product internationally, be sure of a tested and competent carrier company to handle your package.

You must know that there are various ways to send your goods internationally, depending on the type of product you want to send. And there are many reputable companies that you can partner with to send your package anywhere around the world.

Depending on the package type and priorities, you can choose any of the three options for sending goods abroad - air, sea, or freight. Each of these mediums has its cost implications which you should know about. Determine the carrier whose price is affordable to ship your goods internationally.

Check The Cost

You do not want to spend money on shipping your package abroad without a commensurate return on investment. To this effect, it’s essential to compare the costs of various shipping agencies because every company has a different fee.

Where possible, you should get an estimate from a customs broker before making any shipment. Contact any certified international shipping experts to guide you on shipping, documentation, and insurance costs.

Shipping experts or brokers have all the information you’ll need, such as customs duties, tariffs, taxes, etc., that may apply when sending packages to other countries.

To help you make an informed decision, especially if you’re a beginner in the international shipping business, you need a partner to help you navigate the various countries’ specific customs requirements and procedures.

  • Track The Delivery

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You may not have peace of mind until the goods arrive at their destination; that’s why tracking your package until they arrive safely is essential.

Tracking helps you to monitor where your goods are and when they will arrive. It helps you to ensure that they arrive in good condition. It keeps you abreast of anything that happens in transit so that you can take appropriate action.
Some international shipments may be delayed for any reason, ranging from customs clearance to proper documentation. Tracking helps you to plan and know the expected delivery time. Because you are not in control of the process, expecting some delays while shipping goods overseas is important.

Make Plans for Insurance

Shipping items abroad is lucrative, yet it can pose some challenges. When considering factors for international shipping, remember to make insurance plans. Ensure your goods are insured because you never can tell what will happen.

Damages arising from unforeseen circumstances may occur during shipment or loading/unloading. Insuring your goods keeps you protected from losses.
You can purchase insurance through registered third-party companies. Some shipping companies also have insurance coverage for their carriers. You can take advantage of their coverage and have peace of mind whenever your goods are in transit.


Now that you’re familiar with the essential points to consider for the international shipping of your package, go ahead and make a move. Going global with your business is a risk worth taking. Shipping products abroad is not as overwhelming as it seems. If you can adopt some of the above-mentioned measures, you will hit it. The market is waiting to accommodate more players like you.