5 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Polish Color

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Polish Color

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Polish Color


Choosing the right nail color can seem really complicated. Each skin tone has colors of nail polish that look best. You will need to know how to pick the right color for your unique skin type so that your finished nail polish work looks beautiful.

Picking the right nail polish can be easy if you know how to choose the right products for you. This article will help you to identify the right nail polish for you. Just following these tips can make a huge impact on your finished nail polishing efforts.

How to Choose the Right Nail Polish

1.       Know Your Skin Tone

The first thing that you need to know when you are looking for the right nail polish is what your actual skin tone is. You need to know if you have a fair or light skin tone, a medium or olive skin tone, or a dark skin tone. Recognizing the color of your base skin tone can have a huge impact on what kinds of nail polishes that you can wear.

Light skin tones look best with cool or warm colors like pinks and blues. You can also wear tan or light beige colors. You will need to avoid dark colors unless you are looking for a more gothic presentation.

For medium or olive skin tones, you will want to choose warm and cool colors. You can also use dark colors if they are not based in a pastel color. Pastels can look quite washed out on olive skin. Dark skin tones look best with warm colors like oranges or pastel colors. You will need to be cautious about really bright colors as they can have the wrong base tone for your skin color.

2.       Consider What You Will Be Wearing Most Often

You should always think about what the most common colors are in your closet when you are choosing a nail polish color. You will need to be sure that you have not selected a color that will clash badly with the clothes that you wear most often. You might not mind if your nail color never matches any of the clothes that you wear, but many people do care about this.

Selecting a color that you can wear with lots of different colors of clothing can make a big impact on the sense of style that you communicate. If you wear a lot of black, for example, you might not want to pick an orange nail polish to avoid associating your sense of style with Halloween.

3.       Consider Matching the Color of Your Lips or Lipstick

Another way to pick your nail color is to match it to your lip color or the lipstick that you wear most often. This can tie together your overall presentation of colors and style really nicely. If you love a classic red lip, you can likely also wear a classic red nail polish too.

Lipstick colors also must be matched to your skin tone, which can make them very useful for your purposes when selecting nail polish colors. This is a great guideline for what skin tone you have as well, since a lipstick that matches your skin tone will need to be based on the right color choice for your color of skin.

4.       Pick Seasonal Polishes

One of the things that you need to be aware of when selecting nail polish colors, is that your skin will likely change color somewhat over the course of the year. You will be more tan in the summer in most cases, and more fair in the winter. This means that you will likely need a few options for color palette for each season.

Picking some nail polishes that can be worn with darker skin tones can help you to have the right polish on hand for when you have been getting your tan on and they can also offer you some variety if you want to match a specific outfit or a specific occasion. Organic nail polish can be really ideal when it comes to color matching and you should consider these polishes as really good options when you are looking for new nail polish for each season.

5.       Holiday Choices

It can be really fun to paint your nails for different holidays, but the same rules apply as far as the base color of the polish. Be sure that you are avoiding colors that do not look good on your skin tone, even if you are trying to keep up with the color options that are connected with specific seasons. You can find various shades of reds, greens, and even pastels if you want to use them to polish your nails for a specific holiday like Christmas or Easter.

You might need to look at the base color that is in each of the nail polishes that you are picking for a holiday polishing job so that you can be sure that the polish you pick will not clash with your skin tone. Be cautious as well about glitter polishes as the color in the bottle can appear very different from the final, applied product on your nails.

Choosing the Right Nail Polish Color is Key

If you have been trying to figure out why you never like any of your nail polish color choices, you might not have been considering these tips. Be sure that you think about your skin tone and the colors that you usually wear every day when you are selecting nail polish for daily wear. You might also want to look at the base color of your favorite lipstick as a guideline for your choice of nail polish.

It can be much easier than you probably think it is to get the right nail polish ordered for your needs. The more aware you are of the various reasons that you might not like the nail polish that you have selected for yourself, the more likely it will be that you will not end up with any more nail polish that you do not approve of. These tips will help you to shop for nail polish like a pro and get exactly what you have been looking for each time you buy new nail polish.