5 Statement-Making Design Trends To Shop Right Now

5 Statement-Making Design Trends To Shop Right Now

5 Statement-Making Design Trends To Shop Right Now

Every homeowner always looks for new ways to refresh their home. Whether it is through DIY projects, home remodels or simple changes in design, there is always something to do. If you are looking for a fresh new interior design for your home, you should get familiar with a few trends. This year, making a statement is trendy, and here is how you can achieve that with ease. 

Bold Colors and High-Energy Hues

If you have had enough of those earthy tones and neutral shades, it is time to bring a spirit of spring into your home. You can achieve that by relying on high-energy hues and some bold colors. You don’t even have to go big with these; if you introduce a few bright hues into the design, the whole space will instantly liven up. Adding radiant yellows and warm terracotta hues can make a big change. You can either go small with just a few details in those vibrant shades or even change the upholstery on the sofa and chairs for a stronger effect. 


High Contrast Wall Art

Wall art is always in style, but its design changes from trend to trend. This year, the biggest trend in wall art is contrasting colors. You can pick a few abstract pieces with colors that are a nice contrast to the rest of the design. If your home is neutral in shades, you can pick deep green, bright blues, and even black and white art. Additionally, you can visit Posteramo and pick a few custom-made posters and adapt the colors to your likes and make them as bold as you’d like. It is all about making a statement, so don’t worry about adding too much color to your wall art. As long as you like it and as long as the colors are vibrant, your home will radiate with personality and life. 

Deep Green Hues

There is something calming about deep green hues and they are a huge trend in interior design. Whether you are adding accents or repainting the whole room, deep green is your friend. You can create an accent wall that will make the room seem bigger, you can add smaller details in this shade, there is no limit to this. Just make sure to add some beiges and whites to contrast the deep green a bit, and you will create tranquility and serenity in your home. Additionally, you can rely on indoor plants to add a bit more of that soothing green accent to your interior design. 

Groovy Accents

Groovy or fluted accents will provide that nice texture to your interior design. You can get a vase, pot, or even lamps with grooves that will act as a nice and unique statement piece in any room. You can even opt for standalone furnishing to add that extra dimension to your decor and make the design fun and whimsical. Plus, you can use any material you like, and fluted cement pots for your plants can look absolutely amazing in your living room. 

Lighter Tones

Neutral shades are timeless. They are also needed if you plan on adding plenty of statement pieces and bold colors. They provide a blank canvas for your home which you can then decorate and make fun with statement pieces. So, stick to those good old neutrals, such as natural rattan, blonde wood, and woven fibers, as well as beiges and light grays. All these make a nice base that you can later personalize with details. 

Every home needs a refreshment from time to time. This year is all about making a statement and these statement-making design trends are bound to make your home look and feel fabulous.