4 Most Popular Dog Breeds Among Women

4 Most Popular Dog Breeds Among Women

4 Most Popular Dog Breeds Among Women

Dogs might often be labeled a ‘man’s best friend’, but everyone knows a dog can make the best woman’s companion, too. The question is, which is the best dog breed for women? Of course, every woman is different, so there isn’t one perfect dog breed for all the ladies out there. However, certain breeds seem more popular for women, and with good reason.

Finding Your Perfect Four-Legged Companion

When searching for your new furry friend, remember that all dogs are different – even dogs of the same breed. So, while certain dog breeds tend to fit a particular personality type, that doesn’t necessarily mean your new dog will fit perfectly into that category. They’ll be just as unique as you!

Also, some dog breeds require more veterinary care than others. When determining how much your dog will cost, factor in pet insurance to cover vet bills. You don’t want to discover a huge vet bill you can’t afford! Ideally, find pet insurance that tailors to your pup. You can get a quote for pet insurance to calculate how much you’ll spend each month for a happy and healthy dog.

With the financial stuff out of the way, it’s time to learn the most popular dog breeds among women. If you’re a lady looking for a four-legged companion, one of these breeds might be perfect for you!

1: Border Collie

For: The Woman Who Loves Exercise

Do you want a dog that will accompany you on long walks? If so, consider a border collie. They have so much energy due to their herding nature, having descended from sheepdogs. That means they’ll love to play ball, run around, and show you what exercise means! On top of being energetic, border collies are also friendly and clever, making them great as a family pet or a solo companion.

2: Poodle

For: The Woman Who Likes to Train

Are you looking for an intelligent dog? Poodles aren’t just known for being stylish – they are also bright, energetic, and people-loving. So if you want a pet to train, a poodle will make your ideal companion due to their high levels of intelligence. Plus, many poodles are small, so you won’t need a large home to accommodate one.

3: Doberman

For: The Woman Who Wants Protection

Many women get a dog for the additional layer of protection. It makes sense – having a dog at home will deter intruders. Plus, walking with a fierce-looking dog can feel safer than walking alone!

A Doberman is an excellent option if you’re looking for a loyal dog that will look out for you (and keep unwanted people away). They were first bred as guard dogs but now make sweet, beloved pets that instinctually protect their owners.

4: Golden Retriever

For: The Woman Who Wants a Loving Family Companion

Who doesn’t love golden retrievers? They are fun, energetic, and family-friendly. Plus, they’re intelligent, meaning you can have fun training them to do all sorts of tricks! They make the perfect pet for women who want a cuddly companion as well as a dog who will run around and play. If you have a family, they will slot right in, loving everyone they come across.