Your first time in New York: tips for travelling alone

Your first time in New York: tips for travelling alone

Your first time in New York: tips for travelling alone

Although you may have taken a number of holidays with your family in the past, this year you might want to think about taking one on your own. While this means you may not have company with you, it can free you from having to compromise on the destination or what you do to fill each day. This may be ideal for those who have just completed university and want a break, or even working adults who want a bit of me time. 

Book tickets in advance

It isn’t just your flights and accommodation you may need to think about when making bookings. If you want to get good seats and see the Aladdin musical in Broadway, you might want to think about purchasing as soon as possible. Depending on the showing you wish to go to, the box office may run out of seats very quickly. Some people prefer to book their advance tickets in person, however, isn’t really a possibility when the event occurs abroad. You may be able to get tickets when you arrive for the show, but it is likely that, by this point, you may be left with the poorest seat choices, if there’s any availability at all.

Making safety easy

When you are with others, you can work together to keep each other safe, as well as help each other with belongings and directions. However, now that you plan on travelling alone, you will be responsible for all of this yourself. Therefore, you might want to think about a few essential ways you can keep yourself safe. Some of these ideas could also have multiple benefits. Should you only pack a carry on bag, you may not only make moving your belongings around easier, but you could also save yourself money on baggage fees, and reduce the likelihood of it getting lost due to your items being on your person at all times. 

Getting around the city

If you want to travel outside of New York City during your holiday, then you may want to think about hiring a car. Yet, if the majority of your stay will involve excursions within the city limits, or close, surrounding areas, you may want to ditch the car. Parking can be notoriously difficult within the city. Thanks to its many transport links, you may find it quicker and easier to use the subway or bus services to get between different points. Looking into the closest transport links to your accommodation, as well as any route numbers, could help you to get back safely should you get lost.

A trip to New York can be fun regardless of whether you go with others or on your own. When travelling solo, you may want to consider some of the factors that can help you to enjoy yourself while remaining safe. You may want to begin saving now, so that you can book your flights, hotel, and even any excursions as soon as possible.