What To Look For When Choosing Vases For Your Home Decor?

What To Look For When Choosing Vases For Your Home Decor?

What To Look For When Choosing Vases For Your Home Decor?

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Home decoration has always been the benchmark for the aesthetic development of any private place. People use various objects and ideas to beautify their houses and present their best in front of others. In that vein, vases play an essential role in the decorative process, and they have been for a very long time. 

Vases come in different shapes and sizes, and the ones used at the house vary depending on the type of decoration needed.  In this article, we’ll discuss the different varieties of vases and the aspects you need to keep in mind while decorating your house with vases. 

Why use Vases to decorate your house? 

Keeping attractive home decor vases to improve house decor is not new. It has been used for ages as a calming piece of home decor. Vases come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, and designs today. They are occasionally used to house real or fake flowers.

Also, it serves as a stand-alone piece of interior design. The best thing about these vases is that, depending on their size and shape, you may put them on a table, a shelf, or even the floor. Here are a few suggestions for buying vases to adorn your home.

Types of vases 

1. Column Vases 

A slender column vase is ideally used to display long-stemmed flowers like lilies, gladioli, and sunflowers to highlight their elegance. They are also the best option for exhibiting decorative branches or twigs because the narrower vase gives everything a sleeker, more controlled appearance.

2. Hourglass 

Hourglass vases are an excellent cabinet staple and highly adaptable to natural surroundings. Shorter-stemmed flowers with large, spherical heads, like roses, hydrangeas, and peonies, work best in this vase. Its curved design, which is wide at the bottom, narrow in the center, and slightly flared at the top, will wonderfully highlight the curvy shape of your blossoms.

3. Round Vases 

Not all flowers work well in a round or fish bowl-shaped vase, but a hand-timed bouquet of mixed flowers or a tightly constructed posy of tulips, gerberas, or roses generally look stunning. The secret, however, is to trim the stems, so they stand proudly at the height of the vase. 

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4. Bud Vases 

The best way to display solitary stems or a group of little flowers is in a bud vase. A collection of jam jars or milk bottles can suffice if none are available. These mismatched small vases are a terrific way to dress up the dinner table because they won't obstruct conversation or the view and provide a great impression. 

5. Rectangular Vases 

Practically all modern rooms look fantastic with rectangular vases. Because the flowers have space to stretch out, they are also perfect for large arrangements of single-stem flowers like narcissi or tulips.

What to Keep in mind while decorating your house with Vases 

  1. Proper Display

Vases are available in various styles, dimensions, and materials. Thus, consider the location where it will be placed while purchasing it. If it's a glass display, you should select a delicate one made of wood or glass that is also classy and streamlined. 

You can purchase a stylish metal vase to place on the coffee table in your living room. If it has an old aesthetic, it looks sophisticated and lovely. You can also purchase attractive floor vases if your living room or bedroom has any open space. It may instantly enliven and draw attention to an area. The display should always be specific regardless of the kind of vase you purchase for your home. 

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2. Appropriate Space

Most people purchase decorative vases to put flowers in, so if you plan to do the same, select the ideal vase that can fit into any space because not all vases can accommodate flowers. It should at least be able to hold the flower stalks if it has a thin neck. The vase shouldn't be excessively wide or small. Such vases come in a wide range of designs and shapes. 

Also, it depends on the vase's size and the location where you plan to keep it. If you want a vase for the dining table to hold flowers, make sure they are big enough to keep the vase safe because there will be a lot of movement on the dining table. Hence, identifying a suitable space for the vase is very important. 

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3. Multiple Vases 

Occasionally, having multiple vases in a location makes the area quaint.  Such a house decoration is original and signifies excellent vase selection taste. Remembering a theme when purchasing multiple vases for a single space is always suitable. However, keeping a metal vase next to a glass vase won’t look that good. 

With such a mismatched arrangement of your vase as a home décor piece, the entire purpose of adorning your home will be for naught. You may purchase a couple of vases for your house and arrange them so that they go well together. The flower-holding vase can be used for this design.

4. Proper Environment and care

To make the most of the flower’s lifespan, it is crucial to condition them. Never fill the vase more than two-thirds full of hot or cold water because doing so shocks the flower and could expedite its demise. Before putting the stem in the vase, wash it and trim the edge. It is necessary to remove any leaves that will be submerged in water since they encourage the growth of bacteria. Regularly clip the stems, remove the dead leaves and petals, and change the water daily.

Additionally, you can place the flowers in the vase in a way that keeps them out of the form of a strong breeze or direct sunshine. Regularly cut the stems of the flowers when they wilt and place them in smaller containers. 


Vases traditionally enhance the decorative tendencies of your house and make them more appealing. They are the ideal objects to place in a room to bring out the light and other beautifying factors. It’s important that you choose the right vase for your room and brighten your day accordingly.