What is Nitro Coffee and how is it different?

What is Nitro Coffee and how is it different?

What Is Nitro Coffee And How Is It Different? 

The International Coffee Organization estimates that global coffee consumption is 170.3 million 60kg (132.3 lbs) annually. Specialty coffees, such as Nitro Coffee, are popular, and contribute to high coffee consumption because a nitrogen generator enhances the texture, making it thick, creamy, and smooth. 

Nitro Coffee is different because it is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, giving it a creamy, frothy, and smooth texture. You don’t need to add cream. If you do, it won’t be as much as regular coffee. It is also easier to taste all the notes in Nitro Coffee because it is less acidic.

Nitro coffee is sold in coffee shops and retail stores. Some of the coffee is sold in cans, like other beverages. The only difference is Nitro Coffee has nitrogen, while other beverages have carbon dioxide. 

The Science Behind Nitro Coffee. 

Nitro Coffee undergoes the same process, irrespective of brand. Some attempt to make adjustments in a bid to have a unique flavor. Often, the coffee use, and its taste notes, will influence the quality of Nitro Coffee.

Coffee is naturally acidic. The acidity is usually enhanced when you add hot water. Cold brew is made by soaking coffee beans in cold water for a day before infusing nitrogen. 

Nitrogen is an inert gas that makes up about 78% of the air we breathe. It doesn’t react with coffee, so it doesn’t make Nitro Coffee more acidic. This is the primary reason the taste of Nitro Coffee is so enhanced. You can taste all the notes and flavors of the coffee.

Additionally, nitrogen is less soluble in water, at least when it is compared with carbon dioxide.

Other canned beverages contain carbon dioxide. It dissolves and forms large bubbles, and is the reason soft drinks from gas and pours out when you attempt to open the can or bottle after shaking it. 

Since nitrogen is only about 50% soluble, it forms very small bubbles, making Nitro Cold Brew Coffee smooth and frothy. When you open a can of Nitro Coffee, some of the gas will be released, just like other canned beverages. However, if you shake it first, the gas will not build up pressure. So, the coffee won’t pour out. 

Why Nitro Coffee Is Popular. 

Nitro coffee is among the few coffee-based drinks that have created a buzz in the industry. There seems to be a unanimous agreement in the coffee industry that it is one of the fastest-selling items on the menu in coffee shops. 

There are several reasons as to why nitro coffee is popular.

It hits the highest notes of the coffee’s flavor. Since it is a cold brew, the flavors are preserved.

  • A cup of Nitro Coffee has at least 30% more caffeine than standard coffee. This is because the infusion of nitrogen gas eliminates oxidation, which is responsible for alterations in caffeine levels and flavors. 
  • It is considered healthier because it doesn’t need cream and sugar. Coffee becomes more acidic and bitter when you add hot water. So, you add cream and sugar to make it tastier. Nitro Coffee is not bitter. It is also frothy and smooth, eliminating the need for cream. 

There are conflicting reports on who or when Nitro Coffee was invented. However, there is no doubt that within a short period, the new coffee had become a global sensation, and continues to be a favorite with more coffee drinkers.