Unlock Luscious Locks with the Best Hair Growth Serum for Women

Unlock Luscious Locks with the Best Hair Growth Serum for Women

Unlock Luscious Locks with the Best Hair Growth Serum for Women 

When baldness is talked about it is most likely to involve males and male pattern hair loss, or MPHL which affects the majority of men at some point during their lives. 

However, estimates show that about 50 percent of females will experience hair loss also, and about 30 million women have female pattern hair loss in the states today.

There are multiple reasons that women experience hair loss or thinning in their lives. Hair loss can come from genetics, a vitamin deficiency, or hormonal changes.

Fortunately, there are some ways to thicken hair that is thinning and promote stronger hair and growth. Click here on  when to cut your hair for the best growth.

Why use hair growth serum?

In the past and today to some degree, there have been countless remedies for hair loss that had minimal results if any. But, today with more understanding about why hair thins and falls out, and what can be done to reverse it, there are much better products on the market.

The best hair serum for hair growth will include ingredients that are scientifically proven to stop hair loss and others that stimulate growth.

One reason that people choose to use hair growth serum is that they have an underlying cause for hair loss. In some cases, lifestyle changes and medication can help to stop hair from falling out. But, hair growth serum can be used in tandem with other treatments to promote a thicker, healthy-looking head of hair.

 What does hair growth serum do?

The ingredients in hair serum all have a role to play in helping to stem hair loss and increase hair growth. If you choose the best hair growth serums then you should expect them to protect your hair and increase the strength of your strands.

Hair growth serums might add volume to your hair, and others are biotin-rich and add nutrients to your hair. The best products will combine immediate aesthetic improvements while nourishing your hair and promoting long-term growth and health.

 How do you choose the best hair growth serum?

There are several options for covering up hair loss including wigs and transplants. While you might be interested in researching tips for hair transplants, this is largely a last resort.

Before you look for ways to cover your head or replace your hair with expensive treatments, you might want to try hair growth serums instead.

Instead of looking for a hair serum that gives you shine and reduces frizz, look for a product that includes ingredients such as copper peptides which actively help to reduce hair loss.

Some of the causes of hair loss can be a vitamin deficiency, damaged hair, scalp problems, and hormonal changes. A good hair growth serum will aim to provide your hair with the nutrients and antioxidants that it is missing.

And it is worth noting that serums that add volume and shine could weigh your hair down and contribute to your hair loss woes.

What do the best hair growth serums include?

One of the myths of hair loss is that it only happens to men as you’ve read above already, females experience hair thinning too. There are plenty of tips for when men go bald, but perhaps less so for women.

When you look for a hair growth serum you’ll want to see certain ingredients on the label such as these.

  • Ginger essence
  • Botanical essential oils
  • Sophora flavescens
  • Platycladus Orientalis
  • Copper peptides

Ginger essence can help to keep scalps free from infections and tackle hair loss, while copper peptides carry a host of benefits.

Copper peptides block the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone which is understood to stop hair growth. Copper peptides also thicken hair follicles and promote hair growth also.

Can you use hair growth serum on dyed and coloured hair?

Another cause of hair loss is over-treating or dyeing hair. When damage is caused it can create brittle hair that frizzes and snaps easily. You may find you have split ends too.

One of the benefits of colour depositing shampoo is that it doesn’t use harsh chemicals, and is often temporary. These colouring treatments can be much kinder to your hair, and a hair serum will help to keep your locks healthy.

Hair growth serums can be used on coloured hair and will help to provide extra nutrients and strengthen hair follicles. If you are in any doubt then consult your regular hair stylist for advice. 


The best hair growth serums are neither miracle solutions nor snake oil. While you shouldn’t expect to see your hair magically reappearing, you should see hair loss and thinning stop, and your hair become healthier. 

Hair growth serums containing ingredients such as copper peptides will stimulate growth while inhibiting the hormones that cause hair loss in many people. Other ingredients such as ginger essence help to improve your scalp’s health and tackle hair loss at the root level.