Tips For Effectively Keeping Your Campervan Clean!

Tips For Effectively Keeping Your Campervan Clean!

Tips For Effectively Keeping Your Campervan Clean!

Cleaning your motorhome is a necessary evil that is work without glamour or luxury. Fortunately, we know how you feel and have compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to help you seamlessly tidy up and clean your campervan in virtually no time. In fact, with enough practice, you only need about half an hour to get all of the freshening up done!

*Invest In Quality Tools

A wrap-around-head soft brush should be your weapon of choice for cleaning your motorhome. It's crucial to ensure that the brush is soft bristled to protect against scuffs or scratch marks. A microfibre cloth or noodle mitt can help you keep the body of your vehicle wiped down effectively. Lastly, invest in cleaning agents that are specially formulated to work for campervan or motorhome use. These cleaners have the ability to break through grime, dirt, and bird droppings to carefully reveal a shiny exterior underneath.

*Check Upholstery Cleaning Instructions

The upholstery inside of your campervan will need careful cleaning, so make sure you refer to your vehicle's instruction manual on how to best care for the textile surfaces inside. The following general advice can also help:

-Vacuum your upholstery to remove dust buildup on a monthly basis. This should also include your cushion covers as well.

-Steam clean items if necessary, but do so outdoors to protect against increased humidity levels. To preserve the colour of the textiles, always dry them out of direct sunlight.

*How To Clean Carpeting And The Steps

You can treat the carpeting inside of your motorhome as you would the flooring in your house. Vacuum it on a regular basis during your cleaning sessions, and for stubborn stains, make sure to treat them with carpet foam.

The steps leading up to your motorhome will undoubtedly house the most dirt, grime, and organic matter. Use a stiff hand brush to get rid of the unwanted debris on the steps.

*How To Clean Windows The Right Way

Motorhomes will often have acrylic windows installed, and traditional glass cleaners can cause the acrylic to deteriorate, discolour, and crack in time. You can easily find a number of specially formulated glass cleaners that work on acrylic windows. Though maintaining our windows at Rambling Rover is crucial, so is employing the use of the correct cleaning products.

*How To Clean Awnings

Many motorhomes and campervans have built-in retractable awnings to help block out sunlight when parked. If your vehicle does have an awning, make sure to regularly clean it as well. Some warm water can help remove light debris buildup, but the use of cleaning agents is required for tougher stains. However, what you will need to use greatly depends on the construction material of the awning. When in doubt, refer to your owner's manual to find the correct way to clean and care-for your awning.