Tips For Becoming A Teen Model

Tips For Becoming A Teen Model

Tips For Becoming A Teen Model

Teen models are on the rise and they are starting to establish themselves in the industry. Many magazine covers and fashion brands are collaborating with teen models for their campaigns.

Teens are still in school and their physical appearances are still changing. Indeed, entering the modeling industry can be a big and difficult decision. However, there are many who are passionate about starting their careers as young models.

If you’re one among them, we have some useful advice for you.

Research About The Modelling Industry

The modeling industry is cut-throat. Many youngsters regret not researching enough before starting their journey as a model.

Therefore, you should perform extensive research about what you would be required to do and decide if you are up to the task.

Remember that low pay, long hours and controlling bosses are common so you should be well prepared for these situations.

Educate yourself about the different modeling agencies and perform background checks on them. Agencies may exploit young and inexperienced models so keep an eye out for those.

Get Your Parents’ Consent

You need to have your guardian’s consent in order to become a signed model.

Explain to your parents why you want to pursue modeling and tell them everything about the industry so they can guide and mentor you through your career.

If you are still in school, your parents may also be concerned about how you will balance both school and modeling at the same time. You can show them you are serious about your commitment by getting good grades.

Getting help will help you accomplish your schooling targets while you’re settling into the modeling career. You can also take assistance from professional homework writers

Many parents may not approve of the idea in a spontaneous discussion. Make sure you give them some time to get used to it and gradually unfold your career goals to help them understand your ambitions.

Look At The Requirements

There are certain requirements teenagers must meet if they want to pursue a career as a model.

  • Most agencies have a height requirement of 5’7-5’10. If you are a younger teen, the requirements may not be so stringent. 
  • Lean and physically fit teens are usually preferred but today there are many agencies that cater to all body sizes and shapes. Follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy body, skin and hair.
  • You must be confident in front of the camera. As a model, you must know how to pose and respond to the photographer’s and director’s cues. 
  • You must agree to wear versatile clothing as per the director’s requirements. There will be times when you may not be comfortable with the dressing instructions your agency has given. Parents have to make sure the agency has policies that limit highly revealing clothes.

Study Magazines & Watch Shoots

Studying magazines will give you an idea of how models pose and how they express themselves.

Make sure you go through different magazines so you get exposed to all kinds of modeling.

Try recreating the looks that you see. Practice repeatedly till you perfect each pose.

You should also watch shoots and fashion videos. There are a lot of educational ones available on YouTube.

Take Pictures & Build Your Portfolio

Once you are confident in your ability to pose, start taking pictures for your portfolio.

If you have friends who are photographers, ask them to take your photos. You can also hire a professional photographer if your parents consent to it.

Try your best to get professional photographs that are well-shot in good lighting. 

There should be photos of every angle including headshots and full-length  photos. Mix up your facial expressions. You shouldn’t have the same expression in all your pictures.

Build your portfolio depending on the modeling agency’s requirements.

Contact Agencies

Find out the modeling agencies in your area.

Make sure the ones you contact are reputed and established in the industry. If there aren’t any in your area, you can send your portfolio online on the agency’s website.

Check if they have any open calls or auditions coming up.


Be careful when you sign a contract with any modeling agency. Have your parents read the agreement and clear any doubts you have about the agreement.

Signing up with a good agency will ensure that you have a healthy modeling career without unhealthy restrictions