The Patient-Centered Approach to Care at Campsie Medical Centre

The Patient-Centered Approach to Care at Campsie Medical Centre

The Patient-Centered Approach to Care at Campsie Medical Centre


Campsie Medical Centre is a welcoming, friendly and professional medical centre located in the heart of Campsie. Our team of experienced doctors, nurses and allied health professionals are committed to providing excellent healthcare services to the local community. We offer a variety of health services including general practice, family medicine, paediatrics, antenatal care, chronic disease management and mental health services. Our aim is to provide our patients with high-quality medical care in an atmosphere that is both comfortable and supportive. We strive to ensure that all our patients receive personalised treatment plans tailored to their individual needs and preferences.


Background & History of the Campsie Medical Centre

Medical centre at Campsie, located in Campsie, New South Wales Australia, is a family-owned and operated medical practice that has been providing health care to the local community since 1982. The centre has grown to become one of the most respected and well-respected general practices in Sydney's Inner West. The centre is renowned for its quality patient care and friendly staff.

The origins of the Campsie Medical Centre can be traced back to its founder Dr Peter Bostock who had been practising medicine since 1974 in Sydney’s Inner West area. Dr Bostock was a highly respected doctor who was committed to providing high-quality patient care and service. In 1982 he decided to open his own practice which he named Campsie Medical Centre after the suburb of Campsie where it was located at that time. 

Dr Bostock’s son, Dr John Bostock, joined him at the practice shortly after its opening and took over ownership upon his father's retirement in 1996. Since then, two more generations of doctors have continued the legacy established by Dr Peter Bostock by offering comprehensive healthcare services for all ages including chronic disease management and preventative healthcare education for adults on an ongoing basis as well as paediatrics services for children from birth.

Services Offered at the Campsie Medical Centre

If you’re looking for quality healthcare services in the Campsie area, look no further than the Campsie Medical Centre. Established in 1978, this medical centre offers a wide range of services from general practice to allied health and pathology services. 

At the heart of the centre is its team of highly qualified and experienced GPs. The GPs are available for consultations six days a week, including Saturday morning appointments. They have expertise in general family medicine and specialist areas such as mental health, paediatrics, geriatrics and skin cancer checks. The doctors take time to understand each individual patient’s needs so they can provide comprehensive care tailored to their situation. 

The medical centre also has a range of allied health professionals available which include physiotherapists, podiatrists and dietitians providing treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s conditions or goals. These practitioners also provide education on how best to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes or arthritis through diet and lifestyle changes so patients can achieve optimal well-being over time while reducing symptoms associated with their condition(s). 

Benefits of Using the Campsie Medical Centre

Are you looking for a family medical centre that offers comprehensive health care services? Look no further than the Campsie Medical Centre. This medical centre has been providing quality medical care to the local community since it was established in 1980.

The Campsie Medical Centre provides a wide range of services to its patients, from general practice to specialist care. The team at the centre consists of highly skilled and experienced doctors and nurses who are dedicated to providing each patient with exceptional care and treatment. All staff members are committed to working together in order to ensure that each patient receives the best possible outcome from their visit.

One of the main benefits of using this centre is its convenient location; it is situated close to public transport links, shops, restaurants and other leisure facilities, making it easy for patients to access their appointments without having to worry about travel times or costs. Furthermore, the clinic is open seven days a week with extended hours on Mondays so that patients can get an appointment at any time that suits them best; there’s even an after-hours service available on weekends and public holidays if needed. 


The medical centre at Campsie is an excellent resource for the local community. It provides comprehensive medical services to a wide range of patients, from those with serious illnesses to those with more minor needs. The experienced staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the facilities are modern and well-maintained. The medical centre at Campsie is an excellent place for individuals to receive quality health care in a comfortable environment.