Tapping Unexpected Markets As An Influencer

Tapping Unexpected Markets As An Influencer

Tapping Unexpected Markets As An Influencer

Whether you're a fashion, style or modelling influencer, it's very easy to get tied up with working in the same circles and with the same kind of people as yourself. After all, it makes sense that if you're trying to reach fans that like your content, the best place to start is with fans of similar content.

After a certain point though, that well of fans in the same range will dry up, and bear in mind that everyone in the same situation will jump to the same idea as well. That's why today we'll tell you exactly how much branching into other genres can help you find whole new audiences to work with.

Some Great Examples

There are plenty of great case studies to work from, ranging from written articles to full-blown guest appearances. On the less time-intensive side, there are cases like men's fashion influencer Carl Thompson who has penned a number of pieces on sites entirely outside of fashion but trying it back into his speciality. For instance, his recent piece telling readers how to 'wear it like you just won the lottery' was published in Lottoland's magazine.

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For more high-profile cases there are guest appearances like Markiplier who has shown up in everything from a cupcake-baking video with Rosanna Pansino to what was billed as an internship and regular appearances in videos from CG creators Corridor Digital. Appearances like these work not only by getting the influencer's face out there but also by exploiting things like the Youtube algorithm to pick up entirely new audiences who get recommended different content.

How To Start Branching Out 

The best place to start is with the resources you have to hand, namely your own social network. Chances are, even if your direct contacts don't have opportunities for you, their own social circles may have someone you can work with. It doesn't have to be completely out of your comfort zone straight away either. For example, if your own focus is on clothing, make-up-focused influencers could be a great starting point, as could specialists who focus on one specific aspect like shoes or accessories. 

Outside of your niche, it's worth thinking about which industries could connect to yours. For instance, a fashion influencer could feasibly approach a careers business for partnership along the lines of a 'dress for success' campaign with style hints for interviews and promotion opportunities. A fitness influencer could easily work with a health tech company, and vice versa, a health influencer could work with a company producing fitness equipment. It's all about following the lines of thought that your audience might have.

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Don't be afraid to entirely branch out either, while obviously keeping your brand in mind. The further out of your content comfort zone you are, the bigger the risk you take, but like Katy Perry somehow ending up promoting game Final Fantasy, the results can be surprisingly positive. Just be aware that protecting your brand identity is task number one, as Scarlett London's partnership with Listerine sadly demonstrated for example. 

Remember, thinking outside the box can be fantastic and open entirely new worlds and audiences for you, but always remember that the reward should always be balanced against the risk.